Introducing the Quad Quantizer: Take Your Eurorack Music to New Heights in 2023!

Imagine your hand intuitively gliding across an enlightened surface, the fluidity of your music only matched by your seamless control. This is exactly the experience Tenderfoot Electronics offers with their 2023 upgrade of the popular Quad Quantizer module. The novel Quad Quantizer 2, or QQ2, is set to revolutionize the way you play and navigate your Eurorack setup, by offering enhanced performance capabilities and intuitive controls.

At the heart of the QQ2 is a highly legible OLED menu system. This, in culmination with 12 illuminated buttons, facilitates rapid scale editing, making real-time adjustments a breeze. Whether you're under the dim lights of a live performance or settling down to a recording session, the QQ2's bright panels ensure effortless navigation and seamless adjustments.

Running with 4 quantizer channels, the QQ2 offers extensive handling of Control Voltages running from -3V to +7V. Paired with individual trigger inputs for each channel, the channels can output both quantized CV and trigger signals. This offers you the capacity to intricately shape your sound and bring a new level of complexity to your music.

What sets the QQ2 apart is its plethora of built-in scales. With 42 to choose from, your musicality is only as limited as your imagination. Each channel can be assigned to one of the currently active scales, either unified under one scale, or independently operating under different scales. It is here the true power of the QQ2 lies, in its capacity for in-depth modulation and intricate multi-scalic compositions.

Additionally, the QQ2 introduces two assignable mod channels. These can be used to control pre or post-quantization CV transposition, scale assignment, and even octave changes. As a matter of fact, these features take your options for live modulation up a notch, providing apex control over the unfolding soundscape.

The immense capacity of the QQ2 doesn't sacrifice its size, with the module retaining a compact, Eurorack-friendly form of 12HP and a depth of 33mm. It also shows commendable power efficiency. During normal use, the module requires just +12V = 143mA, and -12V = 25mA. During Wifi firmware updates, the power requisite peaks at +12V = 210mA, truly striking a balance between powerful features and conservative energy use.

In a nutshell, the QQ2 Quad Quantizer 2’s new enhancements bring about an elevated level of control and creativity for your Eurorack arsenal. With Tenderfoot Electronics at the helm of these improvements, you can rest assured that your music will reach new heights in 2023!

Example Usage

Once you have installed the Quad Quantizer module in your eurorack system, you can start exploring its powerful features. Let's begin with a basic novice-level usage example:

  1. Connect your preferred CV source, such as a sequencer or keyboard, to one of the CV input jacks on the Quad Quantizer module.
  2. Choose one of the 42 built-in scales by navigating the OLED menu using the illuminated buttons.
  3. Press the button corresponding to the channel you wish to assign the scale to.
  4. Now, the Quad Quantizer will quantize the incoming CV signals to the selected scale for that specific channel. This means that any notes played or sequenced will be forced to fit within the chosen scale.
  5. If you want to have multiple channels using the same scale, simply assign the same scale to each channel.
  6. For added creativity, make use of the two assignable mod channels. These can control various parameters like octave, pre-quantization CV transposition, post-quantization CV transposition (Key changing), and even scale assignment.
  7. Experiment with different scales, modulations, and combinations to create unique musical phrases and melodies.

By following these steps, even novice users can start harnessing the power of the Quad Quantizer in their eurorack setup. Its intuitive interface and versatile functionality make it a valuable addition for musicians who want to take their musical compositions to new heights in 2023!

One exciting way to use the Quad Quantizer module is to create evolving chord progressions in your eurorack sequences. Start by connecting four oscillators to the Quad Quantizer's CV inputs, sending a continuous CV signal. Assign each channel to a different scale, allowing for diverse harmonic possibilities.

Then, use the two assignable mod channels to add movement and variation to your chord progressions. For example, assign one mod channel to control the octave of the quantized CV output, and another mod channel to control the pre-quantization CV transposition. By modulating these parameters, you can introduce subtle changes in pitch and voicing, giving your chords a dynamic and evolving character.

To add even more dimension, experiment with changing the scale assignment for each channel during your performance. Use the 12 illuminated buttons to quickly switch between scales on the fly, creating unexpected tonal shifts and harmonic tension.

The Quad Quantizer's user-friendly interface, featuring an OLED menu and illuminated buttons, makes it effortless to experiment and discover new chord progressions in real-time. Whether you're performing live or recording in the studio, this module opens up an exciting world of creative possibilities for your eurorack music in 2023.

Further Thoughts

One exciting way to utilize the Quad Quantizer module in your Eurorack setup is to integrate it with a complex sequencer for creating captivating melodies with ease. Let's explore an expert-level usage example:

Imagine you have a modular rig consisting of a Quad Quantizer and a powerful sequencer like the Make Noise René. With this setup, you can take your music production to new heights by leveraging the Quad Quantizer's four channels of quantization and the René's extensive sequencing capabilities.

First, connect the CV outputs of the René to the CV inputs of the Quad Quantizer. This will allow the Quad Quantizer to receive the complex modulation signals generated by the René. The Quad Quantizer's wide voltage range of -3V to +7V ensures compatibility with the René's output signals.

Next, use the illuminated buttons on the Quad Quantizer to program and change the scale settings on the fly. With 42 built-in scales to choose from, you have a vast palette of musical possibilities at your disposal. Assign different scales to each channel, or have all four channels follow a single scale for a cohesive harmonic structure.

To add dynamic modulation to your melodies, utilize the two assignable modulation channels on the Quad Quantizer. These channels can control octave, pre-quantization CV transposition, post-quantization CV transposition (key changing), and even scale assignment. Experiment with different modulation sources like LFOs or envelopes for evolving melodic variations.

Through the tight integration of the Quad Quantizer and the René, you can create intricate melodies that are precisely quantized to your desired musical scale. The Quad Quantizer's OLED menu system makes it easy to navigate and configure your settings, making it a seamless tool for both live performances and recording sessions.

By combining the power of the Quad Quantizer with a sophisticated sequencer like the Make Noise René, you can unlock a world of creative possibilities in your Eurorack system. Whether you're exploring ambient soundscapes or crafting intricate melodies, the Quad Quantizer will be a valuable asset in shaping your musical journey.