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  1. Maximizing Versatility: Creating Unique Eurorack Sounds with Voltage Control

    In the article "Maximizing Versatility: Creating Unique Eurorack Sounds with Voltage Control", the author shares ways to create unique Eurorack sounds by combining different modules. The article focuses on using voltage control with modules such as the Synthfox LVL, ADDAC304, Tubbutec 6equencer, Instruo Lion, and Tronix Audio MFE 303. By combining these modules, users can add manual control, matrix mixing, equalization, overdrive amplification, and filtering to their modular synthesizer setup. The author encourages experimentation to achieve unique and versatile results.

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  2. Get Creative with the Tubbutec 6equencer: A Compact and Powerful TR-606 Inspired Drum Sequencer and MIDI Interface

    The Tubbutec 6equencer is a TR-606 inspired drum sequencer and MIDI interface that is packed with powerful features despite its compact size. Available in both 1U and 3U Eurorack form factors, the 6equencer is optimized for live performance and allows for quick programming and editing of drum patterns. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for electronic music producers looking to get creative with their sound.

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