Unleashing Creativity with Intellijel Metropolix: A Multitrack, Performance-Oriented Pitch, Gate and Mod Sequencer

The Intellijel Metropolix is an exceptional Eurorack sequencer module that offers unique and powerful features that make it an essential addition to any studio or live performance setup. With its two tracks, the module interprets the master sequence in various ways, creating complementary variations that enable you to generate counterpoint, polyrhythms, and all manner of sonic movement which never gets boring. The TRK 1 and TRK 2 tracks have their own playback ORDER, sequence LENgth, clock DIVision, SWING amount, SLIDE time, and track GATE lengths. Additionally, each track has multiple lanes of per-stage playback parameters, like GATE override, PITCH override, RATCHet count, PROBability of playback, ACCUMulating transposition, and a dedicated CV lane. Each stage also has a SKIP feature and a pitch SLIDE option.

The module has eight separate MODulation lanes accessible via the MOD button, each with eight stages of modulation values, playback ORDER, LENgth, and clock DIVision; and each lane routable to one of Metropolix’s two assignable outputs or to dozens of internal destinations. This feature allows for sophisticated and powerful self-modulation, making it easy to create infectiously musical sequences that are never dull.

Metropolix features a Loopy mode that allows you to instantly play back short sub-sequences or even “play” the stage buttons directly, acting like a ‘keyboard.’ With its ability to store up to 64 preset configurations in eight banks of eight presets, the Metropolix can quickly recall pre-programmed settings and easily switch between them for live performance or jamming.

Notably, the module has two assignable CTRL knobs that give you direct access to the parameters you want to adjust most frequently during a performance. Moreover, a trio of AUX inputs allows external modulation of user-assignable sequencer parameters for even greater variation. With dedicated Pitch/Gate outputs for both Track 1 and Track 2, two totally user-assignable outputs, and internal MOD routing, the module's patching possibilities expand even further.

Overall, the Intellijel Metropolix is perfect for those seeking a versatile and creative tool to aid their Eurorack setup. Its operation is optimized for live performance and jamming, with quick access to all the most important performance parameters, making it easier to greatly affect your sequences with a single slider or switch. The Metropolix is sure to become a staple source of fresh ideas and killer riffs in your creative process.

Example Usage

If you're new to the Intellijel Metropolix, a great way to start unleashing your creativity with this multitrack sequencer is to begin by playing around with the default settings. Start by selecting an empty preset and experiment with the pitch sliders and gate type switches. Once you have a sequence you like, try switching between the different playback orders, and experiment with the various modulation possibilities using the MOD button. Don't be afraid to tweak the different parameters in the TRACK MENU to create unique variations on your sequence. And if you're looking to take your performance to the next level, try using the AUX inputs for external modulation or assigning the CTRL knobs to the parameters you want to adjust most frequently during a live set. With the Intellijel Metropolix, the possibilities are endless!

An intermediate-level usage example for the Intellijel Metropolix could be utilizing the Loopy mode during a live performance. By assigning different sub-sequences to each stage button, you can instantly trigger them by playing the buttons like a keyboard. This allows for even greater control and improvisation during a performance and can create unique variations and transitions between your sequences. It's an easy and fun way to add an extra layer of creativity to your set, and the Intellijel Metropolix makes it all possible with its intuitive design and powerful capabilities.

Further Thoughts

The Intellijel Metropolix is a game-changer when it comes to performance-oriented sequencing, thanks to its extensive modulation capabilities. For instance, you can use the eight modulation lanes to create complex and evolving sequences that can be routed to any of the two assignable outputs or dozens of internal destinations. What's more, the MOD lanes come with their own playback order, length, and clock division, allowing for limitless modulation possibilities. This means you can easily add subtle or extreme sonic movements to your tracks on the fly, making your music more engaging and electrifying. Whether you’re performing live or recording in the studio, the Metropolix is the perfect companion for unleashing your creativity and taking your music to new heights.