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  1. Get Dubby with AUTODUB: A Review of Steady State Fate's Interactive Stereo VCA Module

    The AUTODUB module by Steady State Fate is a DC-coupled stereo VCA that is specifically designed for interactive dub-style effects and event generation. It features a large activation button that can be set to behave as a momentary or toggle switch, which controls the SEND VCA and produces a click-less mute/unmute effect. An external CV can also be used to control the SEND VCA, and a GATE output jack provides a signal that can be used to control external modules. The module has a DRY-WET mixer that allows fine adjustments and gains of up to 2x on the original input signal and up to 4x on the return signal. Additionally, AUTODUB can be used to process control voltage signals or boost them when higher levels are needed. Overall, AUTODUB is a versatile and valuable addition to any modular system, whether it is used for dub-style effects or as a handy stereo VCA.

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  2. Get Creative with DivKid's Stereo Strip: The Ultimate Modular Channel Strip for Eurorack

    The article 'Get Creative with DivKid's Stereo Strip: The Ultimate Modular Channel Strip for Eurorack' highlights the versatility and creative possibilities of the Eurorack module, Stereo Strip. It offers stereo inputs and outputs for audio or CV with EQ, voltage-controlled panning, stereo VCA, performable mute, and input/output level switching capabilities. The module is designed to be a creative part of a modular patch, enabling users to shape and modulate sounds and create stereo images from mono sources. Additionally, the module can function as a stereo input or output interface for external gear, providing users with greater flexibility in shaping their sound. According to the article, Stereo Strip is ideal for those looking to add VCA, EQ, and voltage-controlled panning to their sound sculpting options.

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  3. Càrn: The Compact Signal Processing Powerhouse for Eurorack Enthusiasts

    Càrn is a versatile and compact signal processing module designed specifically for Eurorack enthusiasts. With its four distinct channels and individual outputs, this module offers a range of functionalities including a voltage-controlled panner, VCA, ring modulator, and signal crossfader. It can be used as a traditional end-of-chain mixer or seamlessly integrated with other stereo Instruō modules. Additionally, càrn features an optional stereo limiter for gentle signal softening or saturated drum bus distortion. Whether you need a feature-dense signal processor or a compact summing mixer, càrn is the perfect choice for any Eurorack setup.

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