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  1. Step 8: The Revolutionary Eurorack Sequential Tracking/Sampling Register Module

    Step 8 is a new type of modular building block Eurorack module that offers a sequential tracking/sampling register, providing sequencers, sequential switches, counters, and analogue shift registers, among other functions. It features an analogue switch feeding eight track/sample-and-hold stages, each with an analogue output and gate output, controllable through a built-in 8-step counter or addressed directly by an analogue CV. The module uses advanced circuit techniques to avoid noise, distortion, and voltage issues, resulting in transparent signal paths with high precision and bandwidth. Its possibilities become endless with the ability to mute inactive stages, pause the counter, change its direction, shift stages on each step, and more. Additionally, it offers a scanning output, making it easy and intuitive for sequencer or addressed voltage source use.

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  2. Ladik S-316: A Compact and Versatile 16-Step CV Sequencer Module for Eurorack

    The Ladik S-316 is a versatile 16-step CV sequencer module designed for Eurorack systems. It features clock and reset inputs with accompanying LEDs and manual buttons, gate output with LED, 16-step CV knobs with on/off switches, sequence length knob with LED, and gate length knob with CV in jack. The module also includes four mode switches, CV out jack, and direction options of up, up/down (pendulum), and random. The range can be switched between 5 octaves unquantized, 5 octaves quantized in semitones, and 2 octaves quantized in semitones. The S/H function can be turned on/off and the repeating of certain steps can be adjusted with the sequence length knob. Its compact design takes up only 22TE/ 22HP/ 112mm of width and 35mm /1.4" of depth, with a maximum current of 35mA.

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  3. Get Dubby with AUTODUB: A Review of Steady State Fate's Interactive Stereo VCA Module

    The AUTODUB module by Steady State Fate is a DC-coupled stereo VCA that is specifically designed for interactive dub-style effects and event generation. It features a large activation button that can be set to behave as a momentary or toggle switch, which controls the SEND VCA and produces a click-less mute/unmute effect. An external CV can also be used to control the SEND VCA, and a GATE output jack provides a signal that can be used to control external modules. The module has a DRY-WET mixer that allows fine adjustments and gains of up to 2x on the original input signal and up to 4x on the return signal. Additionally, AUTODUB can be used to process control voltage signals or boost them when higher levels are needed. Overall, AUTODUB is a versatile and valuable addition to any modular system, whether it is used for dub-style effects or as a handy stereo VCA.

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  4. Exploring the Creative Possibilities of After Later Audio's STEPS 1U Eurorack Module: A Random Looping Stepped CV and Burst Generator

    The article titled "Exploring the Creative Possibilities of After Later Audio's STEPS 1U Eurorack Module: A Random Looping Stepped CV and Burst Generator" highlights the features and capabilities of the STEPS 1U Eurorack Module by After Later Audio. The module offers an internal clock, rate control, burst generator, and random looping stepped CV generator, allowing for the creation of both random and repeating patterns of up to 8 steps. Additionally, multiple STEPS modules can be daisy-chained for even more complex patterns. The article notes that, upon turning on the module, it is important to run it in RAND mode for at least 8 steps to fill the shift register with data. The article also includes a caveat that if a trigger is received off-beat from the internal clock, the first step duration will be shortened.

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  5. Expanding Your Sequencing Capabilities: A Deep Dive into the Xaoc Devices Ostankino II Eurorack Module

    The article 'Expanding Your Sequencing Capabilities: A Deep Dive into the Xaoc Devices Ostankino II Eurorack Module' explores the features of the Ostankino II, an expander module for the Moskwa II sequencer. It provides voltage control options for parameters such as random, slew, probability, transposition, range, first and last step inputs, and also includes step repeat CV input and button, internal clock output, individual gate/trigger outputs for each sequence step, and bit outputs for each sequence step that are connected with the Leibniz Binary Subsystem. Overall, the Ostankino II significantly enhances the connectivity and sequencing potential of the Moskwa II module.

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  6. Befaco Lich: Unleashing Endless Possibilities with the Programmable Multi-Function Module

    The Befaco Lich is a programmable multi-function module based on the Rebel Technology OWL platform, resulting from a collaboration between Befaco and Rebel. This module offers stereo in and out, four pot controls with cv inputs, CV and Gate outputs, patch selection with display, and USB MIDI host and device connections. With its 48k 24-bit audio capabilities and various control options, the Befaco Lich opens up a world of possibilities for patch programming and visual interface exploration.

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