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  1. Sequencing Adventures: Moskwa II Dance with MIXZ Grooves

    Explore the exciting world of sequencing adventures by combining two powerful Eurorack modules - the Moskwa II and MIXZ. The Moskwa II is an eight-step sequencer with advanced features like custom gate/trig patterns and randomization options, allowing for longer and more complex sequences. On the other hand, the MIXZ module offers multi-channel mixing capabilities with high-quality analog circuitry and unique Tiptop MixBus integration for efficient signal routing. By integrating these modules into your setup, you can enhance your creative workflow and achieve diverse and dynamic musical outcomes.

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  2. Dynamic Soundscapes: Crafting Eurorack Grooves with ST-Modular, Paratek, Knob Technology & Robaux

    This article explores the amalgamation of ST-Modular's ENVELOPE for intricate envelope control, Paratek's MKC3 Stereo Mixer Unit for smooth mixing versatility, Knob Technology's AGNI for comprehensive signal processing magic, and Robaux's LL8ᴵᴵ for dynamic eight-track trigger sequencing. This fusion of modules promises to elevate your Eurorack setup into a realm of boundless sonic creativity and evolutionary soundscapes.

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  3. Voltage Harmony: OXI Pipe, Xport, VnIcursal VCA, & Filter of Crows

    In this article, we explore the seamless integration of the OXI Pipe breakout module with the OXI ONE sequencer, enhancing ease of use and connectivity in Eurorack setups. By combining the versatile Xport balanced output module, VnIcursal VCA with its compact design and efficient voltage control capabilities, and the innovative Filter of Crows module offering unique filtering and overdrive functionalities, users can create a harmonious voltage-controlled system for a truly immersive modular synthesis experience.

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  4. Drumming Delight: Traffic, Particles, and More for Modular Rhythm Evolution!

    In this article, we explore the combination of the "jasmine-olive-trees-traffic" and "patching-panda-particles" modules to enhance your modular rhythm evolution. The "jasmine-olive-trees-traffic" module is a powerful trigger-based CV controller that allows you to control multiple sounds from a single oscillator using triggers. It features three rows of knobs with corresponding outputs and a global trigger output for seamless synchronization. The CV outputs can range from +-8V and can be set to unipolar as well. The "patching-panda-particles" module, on the other hand, offers four channels of trigger modulation and pattern variation. With various features like shifting, scrambling, muting, and probability triggers, it allows you to create complex and groovy patterns effortlessly. By combining these modules, you can take your rhythmic ideas to the next level and explore new sonic possibilities. Watch them in action and discover the potential of your modular setup.

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  5. The paratek СЛИМИКС-4: A Compact and Powerful Eurorack Mixer Unit for Your Modular Synth Setup

    In this article, the focus is on the paratek СЛИМИКС-4, a compact and powerful Eurorack mixer unit that's perfect for your modular synth setup. The unit features four independent mono channels for audio signal in a tiny skiff-friendly form factor, with individual volume, mute, and pan functions per channel. With a SNR of 69Db, the stereo output channel sum ensures high-quality sound output. The paratek СЛИМИКС-4 also comes with a wide range of knobs and button colors, and modules can be ordered directly by email from the manufacturer, who accepts PayPal.

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  6. Paratek СЛИМИКС 6: A Tiny, Powerful Eurorack Mixer With Loads of Creative Control

    The Paratek СЛИМИКС 6 is a powerful six-channel stereo mixer unit that's perfect for those looking for a tiny, skiff-friendly unit that offers loads of creative control. Each channel comes with its own independent mono audio signal, as well as individual volume, mute, and pan functions. The mixer also features a stereo output channel sum with an SNR of 69Db, and comes in a range of fun knob and button colors. The unit is available for order directly from the manufacturer via email and accepts PayPal.

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  7. Get creative with the Paratek Пуск-3 Black: A Review of the Vactrol Based 3 Channel Muter/Gater with Random Algorithms

    The Paratek Пуск-3 Black is a vactrol-based 3 Channel Muter/Gater that offers two modes (instant and Latch) with every possible combination of channel-by-channel. This Eurorack module can be used as a trigger for external sources, and features two random algorithms, making it a great tool for creative experimentation. The device can be ordered directly by email and is available for purchase via Reverb.

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