Get Dubby with AUTODUB: A Review of Steady State Fate's Interactive Stereo VCA Module

Stepping up the dub game in eurorack music production just got more interesting with the release of the AUTODUB module by Steady State Fate. This module is a DC-coupled stereo VCA that has been specifically designed for interactive dub-style effects and event generation. One of its most striking features is the large activation button that is built into the module. This button can be set to behave as a momentary or a toggle switch, and it controls the SEND VCA to produce a click-less mute/unmute effect.

The SEND VCA can also be controlled with an external CV, providing a range of interactive effects that can be incorporated into live performances. An additional GATE output jack also provides a signal that can be used to control external modules, adding more richness to the dub-style effect. The AUTODUB module also incorporates a DRY-WET mixer for fine adjustments and gains of up to 2x on the original input signal and up to 4x on the return signal.

The level control included in the module fully attenuates or realizes the full potential gain in the instance where the original signal is sent through the DRY-WET mixer and returned through the module. As a result, the AUTODUB module is not limited to processing audio signals only. The module can also be used to actively mix control voltage signals or boost signals when higher levels are needed.

Overall, the AUTODUB module is a versatile and a valuable addition to any modular system. It can be used as a dub-style effect tool or a handy stereo VCA. The interactive features of the module make it very easy to incorporate live performances, and the control voltage flexibility allows for dynamic fades and modulations to control the effect SEND level. In conclusion, the AUTODUB module by Steady State Fate is a valuable investment for eurorack enthusiasts who want to push the depth and reach of their music production.

Example Usage

If you're a novice to using Eurorack modules, AUTODUB can be a great addition to your setup. You can use it as a stereo VCA to control the volume of your audio signals or control voltage signals. The momentary or toggle behavior of the large button on the bottom of the module can be used to activate or deactivate the SEND VCA, allowing you to control the effect send level. You can also use an external CV to control the SEND VCA. The GATE output jack can be used to output a high signal whenever the button is active, which can control external modules, such as envelopes or advancing sequences. Finally, the DRY-WET mixer allows you to adjust the levels of your original input signal and the return signal. Overall, AUTODUB is a versatile module that can be used to add dynamic fades and modulations to your signals.

One intermediate-level use case for AUTODUB can be incorporating it in a dub-style live performance setup. By using a momentary or toggle behavior button to activate the SEND VCA, the performer can introduce live dub-style effects to their set. They can also control external modules using the GATE output jack to generate timed control signals like bursts, envelopes, or modulations when the button is in the ON state. These control signals can then be routed back to the SEND VCA CV input for dynamic fades and modulations to control the effect SEND level. Additionally, AUTODUB can be used to mix control voltage signals and boost them when higher levels are required, making it a versatile addition to a dub-style modular system.

Further Thoughts

AUTODUB is the perfect module for creating unique dub-style effects during live performances. By using the SEND activation button, a gated high signal is provided, which can be used to time control external modules such as envelopes or advancing sequences. This feature allows for timed CVs to be routed to external modulate-able parameters or patched into the SEND VCA CV input, enabling more dynamic fades and modulations to control the effect SEND level. Additionally, the DRY-WET mixer allows fine adjustment or up to 2x gain on the original INPUT signal and up to 4x gain on the RETURN signal, granting flexibility in creating unique soundscapes. By employing these features of AUTODUB, artists can add a distinct flair to their dub-style performances.