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  1. Unlocking Dual Voice Polyphony: Exploring the Powerful Capabilities of the Shkrjn Duophonic Distribution Eurorack Module

    Unlocking Dual Voice Polyphony: Experience the Shkrjn Duophonic Distribution Eurorack's powerful features - two precision sample and holds, clock divider, and full wave rectifier - for seamless two voice polyphony and melodic pattern extraction.

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  2. Exploring the Instruō tágh: A Swiss Army Knife for Random Voltage Generation in Eurorack

    The article explores the Instruō tágh, a versatile module offering analog sample and hold, white noise generation, digital random voltage, morphing LFO, and probabilistic trigger generation, with unique tap tempo functionality. Its meticulously curated 6 algorithms cater to various system needs, including stepped random, chaos, LFO, and probability-synced LFO. Despite its compact size of 4 HP, tágh proves to be an indispensable modulation workhorse. Read more here: https://www.instruomodular.com/product/tagh-2/

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  3. Exploring the Sonic Dimensions: Introducing the Intellijel Flurry Eurorack Module

    Introducing the Intellijel Flurry Eurorack Module, a versatile tool that unleashes clocks, noises, and randomness for exploration and experimentation. From synthesis to modulation, clocking to signal modification, Flurry breathes new life and dimensions into your patches. Discover its core functions, including clock/random pulse source, pink/white noise sources, sample/track & hold circuits, analog slew with adjustable time, envelope follower, and 16 noise synthesis algorithms. Embrace the power of noise as a sonic tool with this noise lover's toolbox. Explore the Flurry module: https://intellijel.com/shop/eurorack/flurry/

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  4. Unleash Your Creativity with the Allen Synthesis EuroPi: A Reprogrammable Multi-Function Controller

    The Allen Synthesis EuroPi is a reprogrammable multi-function controller that offers 6 CV outputs, one analogue input, one digital input, two knobs, two push buttons, and a 128x32px OLED display. This Eurorack module allows users to entirely re-write the program using any of the inputs and outputs for whatever they want, making it a highly versatile tool for unleashing one's creativity. The EuroPi can be used to replicate existing concepts, such as a quantiser or sample and hold, or users can write something entirely new. Plugging the module into a computer using a standard micro USB cable enables the user to reprogram the module, making it a flexible and dynamic addition to any setup.

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  5. Maximize Your Modular Potential with the Eurorack Module Mob of Emus by Rossum Electro-Music

    The article "Maximize Your Modular Potential with the Eurorack Module Mob of Emus by Rossum Electro-Music" explores the immense creative power and versatile functionality of the Mob of Emus module. With six channels of oscillators, modulators, noise sources, triggers, rhythm patterns, and more, this compact 16HP module offers an array of possibilities for music production and sound design. Its Hex Mode allows for simultaneous control of all channels, while the harmonic control structure enables the creation of rich additive timbres and intricate polyrhythmic patterns. With additional features such as CV inputs, real-time controls, and user presets, the Mob of Emus module becomes the heart of limitless patch possibilities.

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  6. Exploring Dual Chaos Driven S&H with VC Slew: A Review of NonLinearCircuits Helvetica Scenario Eurorack Module

    The NonLinearCircuits Helvetica Scenario Eurorack Module is a dual sample & hold with voltage controlled slew for each channel. It uses a jerk chaos circuit running at 300Hz as a source for sampling, similar to the Buchla 265 Source of Uncertainty but with less components and without weird power supply voltages. The module features two channels in 8HP, with Clock 2 normalled to Clock 1, and offers three output options: Stepped Out only samples from the chaos circuit, whereas the S&H Out and Smooth Out are sampled from whatever signal is patched to the Sample In. The module provides six different chaos signals when driven with a single clock signal and adjusting the Slew pot.

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  7. Dance to the Beat of Your Own LFO with Crazy Chicken's Eurorack Module

    The Crazy Chicken Dance Eurorack module is a versatile LFO with eight waveforms, tap-tempo and clock sync, and amplitude control. It also has CV-modulation capabilities for all parameters and two outputs with unipolar and bipolar signals status LEDs. This module has a frequency range from 0.05Hz to audio-rate, allowing users to dance to their own beat.

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