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  1. Synth Exploration: Endorphin's Two of Cups, Sunless City, SeaLegs & Traffic

    This article explores the creative potential of combining Endorphin's Two of Cups, Sunless City by LA Circuits, SeaLegs by Intellijel, and Traffic by Jasmine & Olive Trees in Eurorack builds. The Two of Cups offers intuitive sample playback, Sunless City features a versatile transistor ladder filter, SeaLegs provides a multi-model stereo character delay with reverb, and Traffic is a trigger-based CV controller for dynamic sound modulation. Whether you're looking to enhance your soundscapes with unique textures or explore complex rhythmic possibilities, these modules offer a diverse range of sonic capabilities for your Eurorack setup.

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  2. Unlocking Patterned Progressions: A Comprehensive Exploration of the Nonlinearcircuits Beat Frequencies Eurorack Module

    The article "Unlocking Patterned Progressions: A Comprehensive Exploration of the Nonlinearcircuits Beat Frequencies Eurorack Module" delves into the exceptional functionality of the Beat Frequencies module. Originating from a 'beat frequency indicator' schematic, the updated module omits CV, pots, and XNOR outputs. Instead, it boasts 12 additional gate outputs and an array of pulsating LEDs. One of the main features centers around its utilization of two input signals; the LED ring lights shift direction based on which signal has the higher frequency. This results in a mesmerizing dance of lights, indicating the closeness or discrepancy between the frequencies. Notably, the circular LED displays behave inconsistively, jerking and spinning, sometimes steadfastly completing revolutions, while at other times fluttering uncertainly between stages. The randomness injects an unpredictable element at both audio and clock rates, leading to a continuous stream of intriguing patterns. Breaking down its nuances further, the article highlights the behavior of its quartet of LED sets; for instance, the topmost set serves as the principal output, the second one runs at half speed, while the third one darts sporadically across its pair of LEDs. The last set pulses at a rhythm akin to the topmost, but in an intermittent manner rather than a steady pattern, contributing to this module's broad range of captivating gate outputs.

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  3. Harmonic Carousel: Unmasking the Echoes of Oberhausen, Black 3109 and Fold Processor

    The article, entitled "Harmonic Carousel: Unmasking the Echoes of Oberhausen, Black 3109 and Fold Processor," delves into the creative combination of select Eurorack modules to create a unique spectrum of electronic sounds, providing an overview of their features, practical uses, and groundbreaking sonic capabilities. The Erica Synths Black 3109 VCF/VCA, a combined lowpass filter and voltage-controlled amplifier classed around the AS3109 chip, overcomes distinct setbacks of previous modules—such as volume drop-off during resonance amplification—making it especially versatile in compact setups, with 1V/oct tuning for perfect keyboard tracking. The St Modular Oberhausen module, with its principal oscillators and modulation oscillators, provides a wide array of complex waveforms. With individual volume control for different waveforms and an additional blend mixer, the module showcases the potential to create diverse waveforms. Tiptop Audio's Fold Processor, a voltage-controlled wave multiplier, and sub-octave generator, aims at creating unique, artistic waveforms from more usual ones through a vintage diode design that adds odd harmonics, emphasizing the beautifully animated folding sounds. The cDVCA by Atovproject introduces groundbreaking technology inspired by class-D amplification. As the world's first VCA that tracks 1V/oct, the module's novel clipping method works exceptionally well for the generation of distinct distortions. While it can generate a simple square wave in its absence, the tone control enables the management of produced harmonics. Wrapping up the build, Big T Music's Rangoon, a reworking of Mutable Instruments' Rings, serves as the perfect 12hp companion module, highlighting the classic 'Rings into Clouds' combination in Eurorack modular with an exceptional design inspired by Blade Runner. This remarkable collection of modules guarantees a myriad of sonic explorations, whether you're after the sweetest harmonics or the grittiest glitches.

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