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  1. Carp Lust: Exploring Nonlinear Circuits' Karplus Strong-inspired Eurorack Module

    Introducing Carp Lust, a black-panel Eurorack module inspired by Karplus Strong synthesis, offering plucked string sounds and mesmerizing glitchy experiments. Explore the unconventional while paying a humorous homage to the originators. Keywords: Eurorack module, Karplus Strong synthesis, plucked string sounds, glitch experiments, unconventional, homage.

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  2. Unlock Dynamic Envelopes with the Chopper Multiplier Eurorack Module

    Unlock dynamic envelopes with the Chopper Multiplier Eurorack module, inspired by Harald Bode's article on ring modulators and multipliers. This switching-type multiplier is perfect for modular synths, capable of driving AC motors and creating interesting CV signals. Explore its unique capabilities and unleash your creativity in shaping captivating soundscapes. Please note that NLC no longer sells assembled modules, but there are builders worldwide who offer NLC modules for purchase.

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  3. Exploring the chaotic magic of the 'nonlinearcircuits' Suppository of All Wisdom Eurorack module

    The Suppository of All Wisdom Eurorack module by nonlinearcircuits is a phase shifter with a badly designed circuit that creates chaotic sounds with or without CV signals. The circuit combines the Steiner Phaser and Lovetone Doppelganger, using LEDs to fire up LDRs and phase shift audio. The module has individual and mixed outputs, stepped capacitor values, feedback pots, and black/gold panels. The article explores the module's chaotic magic and its unique design.

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  4. Exploring Chaos with Let's Bronze Up: A Eurorack Module Review

    The Let's Bronze Up eurorack module is a chaotic, glitchy sound generator based on Signum circuits that were originally developed for chaos research. This module processes 4 signals rather than the usual 2, extracting positive and negative aspects of the incoming signals and re-attaching them to each other in various ways. The switching is done by the incoming signals, and the inputs are labeled Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. The Let's Bronze Up is not user-friendly but produces multiple complex and related outputs. With its sharp and glitchy sound, it's perfect for those looking to explore chaos in their electronic music.

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