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  1. Exploring the Nonlinear Circuits Snake Joke: A CMOS-based Euclidian Pattern & CV Generator by Tom Hirst

    The Nonlinear Circuits Snake Joke is a unique CMOS-based Euclidian Pattern & CV Generator designed by Tom Hirst. The module offers a creative and dynamic approach to generating triggers, gates, and CV signals in a compact form factor. With just three CMOS chips, the Snake Joke provides versatile control over trigger patterns, allowing for intricate rhythms and patterns to be produced with ease. The module's ability to switch between patterns on the fly adds a layer of spontaneity to your compositions, while the CV output offers further modulation possibilities. While the Snake Joke is fixed to 16-step patterns, creative patching and thoughtful setup can overcome this limitation, making it a powerful tool for generating complex and evolving sequences.

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  2. Recreating Alvin Lucier's I'm Sitting in a Room with Eurorack Magic: A Deep Dive into the Nonlinearcircuits I Was Sitting in a Room Module

    This article delves into the intriguing Nonlinearcircuits I Was Sitting in a Room module, designed to recreate Alvin Lucier's iconic work 'I'm Sitting in a Room.' With nine PT2399 chips in series, the module offers voltage-controlled delay time and fixed delays, resulting in noisy yet captivating effects like reverse delay illusions. Experimentation with different outputs for feedback yields varied outcomes, while utilizing additional processing through VCF or Phase shifter can further enhance the sonic possibilities. Apart from serving as a tool for pseudo stereo, multi-phonic, and spatialization effects, the module demands careful consideration due to its high current consumption on the +12V rail.

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  3. Exploring Spatial Soundscapes: Navigating the Nonlinear Circuits I Was Sitting in a Room Eurorack Module

    Explore the nonlinear circuits I Was Sitting in a Room Eurorack module for spatial soundscapes with unique delays and creative processing capabilities.

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  4. Sequencing Adventures: BLM Grids MK2, Sandy Freckle, Xfade 1U & Leaves Expander

    This article explores the creative possibilities of combining the BLM Grids MK2, Sandy Freckle, Xfade 1U, and Leaves Expander in a Eurorack setup. The BLM Grids MK2 offers versatile percussion sequencing capabilities, while Sandy Freckle provides a unique pulse/burst generator experience. The Xfade 1U adds a DJ-style stereo crossfader and CV controller for smooth blending of audio signals. Finally, the Leaves Expander enhances voltage sequencing possibilities with multiple inputs and outputs, designed to complement Tree and other Turing Machine hosts. The synergistic combination of these modules promises a dynamic and innovative approach to Eurorack music production.

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  5. Twins of Chorus: Castor & Pollux Harmonize with Chasing Lights and Video Mult

    In this article, we explore the exciting combination of Winterbloom Castor & Pollux, ST Modular Chasing Lights, and Visible Signals Video Mult eurorack modules. The Castor & Pollux module is a dual Juno-inspired oscillator that offers rich, 80s sound with independent and mixed outputs. It also features a unique digitally-controlled chorusing effect. The Chasing Lights module is a versatile analog trigger sequencer with three channels, clock division options, and the ability to chain sequences for longer patterns. The Video Mult module solves the problem of signal loading and voltage drops when connecting one source signal to multiple modules, providing unity gain buffering for optimal performance. By combining these modules, you can create complex and harmonically rich electronic music setups. The article also mentions the Nonlinearcircuits More Black Panel module, which contains three individual cowbell circuits based on the TR-808, and the Ziqal Dimension MK3, a high-quality wavetable processor with advanced features.

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  6. Carp Lust: Exploring Nonlinear Circuits' Karplus Strong-inspired Eurorack Module

    Introducing Carp Lust, a black-panel Eurorack module inspired by Karplus Strong synthesis, offering plucked string sounds and mesmerizing glitchy experiments. Explore the unconventional while paying a humorous homage to the originators. Keywords: Eurorack module, Karplus Strong synthesis, plucked string sounds, glitch experiments, unconventional, homage.

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  7. Unlock Dynamic Envelopes with the Chopper Multiplier Eurorack Module

    Unlock dynamic envelopes with the Chopper Multiplier Eurorack module, inspired by Harald Bode's article on ring modulators and multipliers. This switching-type multiplier is perfect for modular synths, capable of driving AC motors and creating interesting CV signals. Explore its unique capabilities and unleash your creativity in shaping captivating soundscapes. Please note that NLC no longer sells assembled modules, but there are builders worldwide who offer NLC modules for purchase.

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  8. Exploring the chaotic magic of the 'nonlinearcircuits' Suppository of All Wisdom Eurorack module

    The Suppository of All Wisdom Eurorack module by nonlinearcircuits is a phase shifter with a badly designed circuit that creates chaotic sounds with or without CV signals. The circuit combines the Steiner Phaser and Lovetone Doppelganger, using LEDs to fire up LDRs and phase shift audio. The module has individual and mixed outputs, stepped capacitor values, feedback pots, and black/gold panels. The article explores the module's chaotic magic and its unique design.

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