Exploring Randomness and Creativity with the Holocene Electronics Air-Wave Modulation Source

The Holocene Electronics Air-Wave Modulation Source is a groundbreaking eurorack module that puts an entire world of radio frequencies right into your modular setup. This is not just any ordinary FM radio; this is a powerful tool that allows you to utilize broadcasted chaos for unprecedented sonic manipulations.

The entertainment begins with the FM Source Section, which is a voltage-controlled FM radio Receiver. It's rigged with a CV input and a Tune knob, allowing you to scroll through a varying selection of static noises and radio stations. Explore the myriad of potential noise sources that are always floating invisibly around us, ready to be harnessed and speculate how this can influence your modular setup further.

The bandwidth selection of the module, either from 87Mhz to 108Mhz or 64Mhz to 108Mhz, can be chosen smartly by a jumper pin on the back side of the module. The Squeeze switch on the module allows you to amplify and asymmetrically clip the signal. This enhances even the static between stations to useful amplitudes or to clip the broadcasted audio, paving the way for unexpected results that can be exciting, even in chaotic environments with poor reception.

The module also performs impressively as a random voltage generator. The clean signal ranges maximum to 10 volts peak to peak, and the Squeezed signal can reach 13 volts peak to peak. The CV input range is efficient from 0~5v when fully counterclockwise.

What sets this module apart is the continuous tuning, which isn't a trigger or button-based automatic tuner. It may not always tune into the highest fidelity, but that's where the fun lies as the unpredictable signal can spur creativity. So consider a more stepped voltage rather than a smooth one or use a slow attenuated control voltage to fit your intended range.

Moving forward to the voltage-controlled low-frequency oscillator or the LFO section, which provides triangle and square wave outputs. The three-way toggle switch can shift between three different frequency ranges, from slow to very fast, adjusting according to your musical demands. Importantly, the Squarewave Output is normalized to the Sample and Hold circuits trigger input, which by default, samples the audio from the FM radio to generate random voltages. Additionally, it can sample external inputs as well as external clock sources.

A patch tip to remember is that with the LFO's frequency range set to "VERY FAST," the output of the Sample and Hold produces bit crushed audio from the AIRWAVES, allowing the module to generate some truly otherworldly and eclectic sounds, based on your chosen external sample input.

The module comes with a small 3.5mm adaptable antenna for added convenience. In case you lose it or forget to bring it, you can use a long patch cable as a replacement, keeping the sonic explorations perpetually at your fingertips.

Technically speaking, the module stands 10hp high with a depth of 22mm (or 25mm including the power cable). The current consumption is +12v (87mA) and -12v (35mA).

In conclusion, the Holocene Electronics Air-Wave Modulation Source serves as a valuable platform to push the envelope of sonic experimentation, randomness, and creative possibilities. Its unusual and creative premise invites you to bring in the sound of the world into your studio and 'tune in' to an open-ended sea of musical possibilities.

Remember, all the noise, the disruption, and the randomness, are not intrusions but potential music waiting to be explored. Step out of the box and let this dynamic device help shape your distinctive sound!

Example Usage

To start exploring the Holocene Electronics Air-Wave Modulation Source in your Eurorack setup, you can begin by tuning the FM radio receiver section. Use the CV input and Tune knob to navigate through a spectrum of static noises and radio stations, introducing an element of randomness into your modular system. The bandwidth selection jumper allows you to choose between 87MHz to 108MHz or 64MHz to 108MHz, expanding your sonic possibilities.

Experiment with the Squeeze switch to manipulate the signal, amplifying and asymmetrically clipping it to extract interesting textures from the broadcasted audio or static between stations. This feature can also generate random voltages based on the current broadcasting content, offering a unique source of modulation and creativity for your patches.

Keep in mind that the tuning process is continuous, requiring a nuanced approach to achieve desired results. Consider using stepped voltage sources or attenuated control voltages when manipulating the tuning to finesse the output to your liking. Embrace the unpredictable nature of the Air-Wave Modulation Source as it adds a touch of spontaneity to your sound design.

In addition to the FM radio receiver, explore the LFO section with its triangle and square wave outputs across different frequency ranges. The triangle wave offers a range of +-6V, while the square wave extends to +-10V, providing diverse modulation options for your patches. Utilize the three frequency range settings to tailor the LFO behavior to suit your musical intentions.

Delve into the Sample and Hold functionality of the module, which generates random voltages by sampling audio from the FM radio or external inputs. Experiment with patching the output of the sample and hold circuit to other modules, creating unique modulations and textures in your Eurorack system.

Remember, the Holocene Electronics Air-Wave Modulation Source is a tool for exploration and experimentation, offering a blend of randomness and creativity to inspire your sonic journeys. Embrace its quirks and unique features to uncover new musical possibilities in your modular setup.

Incorporate the Air-Wave Modulation Source into your eurorack setup to infuse it with unpredictable and exciting randomness. With the FM radio receiver section, you can explore a wide range of static noises and radio stations, generating unique textures and rhythms for your music production. The voltage-controlled functionality allows you to manipulate and mold this randomness to suit your creative vision.

Additionally, the LFO section offers versatile triangle and square waveforms across different frequency ranges, enabling you to modulate your sounds with precision and depth. By integrating the Sample and Hold feature, you can extract random voltages from the Air-Wave or external sources, adding a touch of unpredictability to your compositions.

Whether you're seeking unconventional noise sources, dynamic modulation options, or experimental sound generation capabilities, the Holocene Electronics Air-Wave Modulation Source is a must-have module that pushes the boundaries of creativity in your eurorack system. Explore its potential to unlock new sonic landscapes and spark your imagination in ways you never thought possible.

Further Thoughts

To showcase the expert-level usage of the Holocene Electronics Air-Wave Modulation Source, let's delve into a creative patch scenario:

In this setup, we will harness the unique features of the Air-Wave Modulation Source to generate ever-evolving and unpredictable voltage modulation for a dynamic and evolving sound scape. We will utilize the FM Source section coupled with the Sample and Hold functionality to create intricate textures and sonic variations.

First, patch the output of the FM radio receiver to the Sample and Hold input. Adjust the Tune knob and CV input to explore a range of static noise and radio stations, capturing snippets of audio as random voltage sources through the Sample and Hold circuit.

Next, engage the LFO section in the "VERY FAST" frequency range to introduce rapid modulation to the Sample and Hold output. This will result in a glitchy, bit-crushed audio effect derived from the Air-Waves, adding a touch of unpredictability and grit to your sound design.

Experiment with different settings and modulation depths to sculpt unique and evolving soundscapes that continuously shift and transform. The interplay between the FM Source, LFO, and Sample and Hold functions offers a limitless playground for sonic exploration and randomness.

Remember, embrace the non-linear and chaotic nature of this module – it thrives on unpredictability and happy accidents. Let your creativity flow freely as you push the boundaries of traditional modulation sources with the Holocene Electronics Air-Wave Modulation Source.

Unlock the true potential of randomness and creativity in your modular setup with this versatile and innovative eurorack module.