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  1. Exploring the Benefits of the Video Mult Eurorack Module for Perfect Signal Distribution

    The article 'Exploring the Benefits of the Video Mult Eurorack Module for Perfect Signal Distribution' discusses the advantages of using the Video Mult Eurorack module for signal distribution in modular synthesizers. This module is a dual-channel buffered multiple with three outputs per channel that provides unity gain buffering to ensure each of the output sockets tracks the input correctly, no matter how many modules it's connected to and what load is put on it. The article explains how using a splitter cable or a passive multiple module can sometimes result in a loaded down signal or glitches, and how the Video Mult module solves those problems. Additionally, the module can be used as a six-output multiple by leaving the bottom input socket unconnected.

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  2. Exploring Dual Chaos Driven S&H with VC Slew: A Review of NonLinearCircuits Helvetica Scenario Eurorack Module

    The NonLinearCircuits Helvetica Scenario Eurorack Module is a dual sample & hold with voltage controlled slew for each channel. It uses a jerk chaos circuit running at 300Hz as a source for sampling, similar to the Buchla 265 Source of Uncertainty but with less components and without weird power supply voltages. The module features two channels in 8HP, with Clock 2 normalled to Clock 1, and offers three output options: Stepped Out only samples from the chaos circuit, whereas the S&H Out and Smooth Out are sampled from whatever signal is patched to the Sample In. The module provides six different chaos signals when driven with a single clock signal and adjusting the Slew pot.

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