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  1. Exploring the Dynamic Soundscapes of WILDSYNC: A Guide to the 4 Colors of Noise

    In the article "Exploring the Dynamic Soundscapes of WILDSYNC: A Guide to the 4 Colors of Noise," the author dives into the versatile uses of the WILDSYNC Noise Eurorack module. With four different colors of noise - Blue, Pink, White, and Red - occupying different areas of the frequency spectrum, the module can be used for a variety of effects such as snares, hi-hats, wind-like sounds, and even a random walk bassline. The author explains each type of noise and how to manipulate them to create dynamic and unique soundscapes.

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  2. Exploring the Creative Chaos of the NonlinearCircuits Stochaos Eurorack Module

    The NonlinearCircuits Stochaos Eurorack module is a versatile generator of gates and control voltages that can be switched to produce either pink noise, chaos, or both. The module is based on a 1980 patent for a random rhythm pattern generator, and uses CMOS chips selected to be widely available. The module features gate and CV outputs, with CV3 being mainly negative voltage. The Stochaos output provides longer gates than other stages in the circuit. Overall, the NonlinearCircuits Stochaos module offers a creative and chaotic approach to noise generation in the Eurorack format.

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