Dance to the Beat of Your Own LFO with Crazy Chicken's Eurorack Module

The Crazy Chicken Dance Eurorack module is a must-have for any music producer looking to create unique and dynamic beats. With its eight different waveforms, this LFO module offers an extensive range of options to choose from, including ramp up, ramp down, square, triangle, sine, u-shape, sample and hold style random levels and random slopes.

The tempo of the module can be set by the knob, offering a non-discrete value, or can be set by tapping the tempo button. Alternatively, an external clock signal can also be used to sync the module to your desired BPM. The amplitude control feature allows users to modulate the amplitude by either using the knob as an attenuator or by using an external CV source. This can also be done for any other parameter of the module, including the choice of waveform and frequency modulation.

The Crazy Chicken Dance module also comes equipped with two outputs that operate on unipolar (0..+5V) and bipolar (-5..+5V) signals simultaneously. These outputs come with signal status LEDs to indicate which waveform is currently in use. Another unique feature of this module is its frequency range, which ranges from 0.05Hz (20 seconds per cycle) to audio-rate, allowing for a broad range of creative possibilities.

Overall, the Crazy Chicken Dance Eurorack module is a versatile and easy-to-use LFO module that is perfect for users looking to create intricate and dynamic beats. Its CV-modulation capabilities, two outputs, and diverse range of waveforms make it an indispensable tool in any producer's arsenal.

Example Usage

If you're new to LFO modules, the Crazy Chicken Dance is a great option to start experimenting with. Try setting the waveform to a triangle, and use the knob to adjust the speed of the LFO. Connect the unipolar output to a filter, and watch as the filter sweeps through the frequency spectrum in sync with the LFO rhythm. Experiment with adjusting the amplitude control knob and see how it affects the sound. Remember to have fun and experiment with different settings to find your own unique sound!

In an intermediate-level patch example using the Crazy Chicken's Dance Eurorack module, we can achieve a rhythmic pulse effect by using the ramp down waveform to modulate the amplitude of a snare drum sample. This can be achieved by sending the snare drum sample into an external VCA, then patching the output of the Crazy Chicken's Dance LFO into the CV input of the VCA. By adjusting the frequency of the LFO to match the tempo of the track, and adjusting the amplitude modulation depth to taste, we can create a dynamic rhythmic element that complements the driving bassline and 4/4 beat.

Further Thoughts

One way to utilize Crazy Chicken's Dance LFO module in a Eurorack set-up is by using it to add rhythmic intensity to a sequence. Start by patching the module's output to the frequency input of a pitch sequencer module and a drum module trigger input. Choose a ramp up or sine waveform and adjust the frequency to a moderate tempo. Then, use an external CV source or modulate the amplitude control to create subtle variations in the pitch and trigger velocity of the sequencer and drum module. The result will be a dynamic and danceable sequence that evolves over time.