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  1. Exploring Dynamic Noise Generation: A Deep Dive into the Doepfer A-118-2v Eurorack Module

    The Doepfer A-118-2v Eurorack Module is a compact and versatile module designed for noise generation. This slim version of the A-118-1 module offers the same features but with smaller control distances and rubberized small-sized knobs. With just 4 HP of width, it is perfect for setups with limited space.

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  2. Exploring Dual Chaos Driven S&H with VC Slew: A Review of NonLinearCircuits Helvetica Scenario Eurorack Module

    The NonLinearCircuits Helvetica Scenario Eurorack Module is a dual sample & hold with voltage controlled slew for each channel. It uses a jerk chaos circuit running at 300Hz as a source for sampling, similar to the Buchla 265 Source of Uncertainty but with less components and without weird power supply voltages. The module features two channels in 8HP, with Clock 2 normalled to Clock 1, and offers three output options: Stepped Out only samples from the chaos circuit, whereas the S&H Out and Smooth Out are sampled from whatever signal is patched to the Sample In. The module provides six different chaos signals when driven with a single clock signal and adjusting the Slew pot.

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