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  1. Unleash Your Creativity with the Allen Synthesis EuroPi: A Reprogrammable Multi-Function Controller

    The Allen Synthesis EuroPi is a reprogrammable multi-function controller that offers 6 CV outputs, one analogue input, one digital input, two knobs, two push buttons, and a 128x32px OLED display. This Eurorack module allows users to entirely re-write the program using any of the inputs and outputs for whatever they want, making it a highly versatile tool for unleashing one's creativity. The EuroPi can be used to replicate existing concepts, such as a quantiser or sample and hold, or users can write something entirely new. Plugging the module into a computer using a standard micro USB cable enables the user to reprogram the module, making it a flexible and dynamic addition to any setup.

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  2. Maximizing Your Modular Integration: A Comprehensive Guide to Intellijel's MIDI 1U System

    The Intellijel MIDI 1U System is a compact and flexible module that provides programmable MIDI-to-CV conversion for Eurorack modular systems. It includes a MIDI 1U module that receives MIDI from external sources and sends proportional voltages to individual jacks for patching, a MIDI input connector that can be connected to Intellijel 7U Performance Case or Palette Case MIDI/USB inputs, and an optional MIDI Expander 1U module that adds eight fully programmable CV outputs for expanded control of the modular system. The Intellijel Config app enables full configuration capabilities on Mac and Windows, making the MIDI 1U System an ideal solution for integrating modular gear with other rigs.

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  3. Exploring the Endorphin.es Total Recall Black: A 3-Channel Preset Manager and Multistage Macro Controller for Maximum Control in Eurorack

    The Endorphin.es Total Recall Black is a powerful 3-channel preset manager and multistage macro controller module for Eurorack synths. With a compact 6HP width, this module offers 3 channels of control voltage generation, attenuation, and attenuation inversion, as well as an 8-preset CV manager with two banks and the ability to instantly, slewed or continuously change between stored CV values. Additionally, the Total Recall Black features a 3-channel macro CV generator with smooth min./max. control via CV, trigger or manual input, ensuring maximum control over your Eurorack setup.

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  4. Exploring the Creative Possibilities: A Review of the Nonlinear Circuits Cellular Automata Eurorack Module

    The Nonlinear Circuits Cellular Automata Eurorack Module is a versatile pattern generator that can produce unique musical patterns. This module is a 16-cell gate and pattern generator that uses cellular automata rules 90 and 150. The module requires a clock signal and a signal on one of the seed inputs to start a new process or modify the current one. In this review, we explore the creative possibilities of this module and its 3 CV outputs, two based on the activity on each half of the circuit, and one reflecting the pattern generated by the active cells. The Cellular Automata module uses CMOS chips and op amps, without microprocessors, and it is a challenging build, available as a partially assembled PCB set for USD 25 or fully assembled for USD 280.

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  5. DROID X7 Expander: The Ultimate MIDI Connectivity Module for Your Eurorack Setup

    The DROID X7 Expander is a versatile MIDI connectivity module for Eurorack setups, providing USB and MIDI connectivity. It offers four gate outputs with modular levels and supports polyphony in both incoming and outgoing MIDI streams. The X7 comes with two DIN to TRS adapters and allows for fast loading of DROID patches via USB, making it a flexible MIDI connection module. The module enables users to attach external keyboards, control digital mixers, use external hardware sequencers, and manipulate DROID patches with MIDI controllers, among other features. As a bonus, the X7 provides access to the SD card in the master through direct access via PC, Mac, phone, or tablet.

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  6. Befaco Lich: Unleashing Endless Possibilities with the Programmable Multi-Function Module

    The Befaco Lich is a programmable multi-function module based on the Rebel Technology OWL platform, resulting from a collaboration between Befaco and Rebel. This module offers stereo in and out, four pot controls with cv inputs, CV and Gate outputs, patch selection with display, and USB MIDI host and device connections. With its 48k 24-bit audio capabilities and various control options, the Befaco Lich opens up a world of possibilities for patch programming and visual interface exploration.

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