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  1. Exploring the Endorphin.es Total Recall Silver: A Three-Handed Approach to CV Presets and Macro Control

    The Endorphin.es Total Recall Silver is a versatile and compact Eurorack module that can act as a three-channel preset manager, a multistage and macro controller, and a control voltage generator/attenuator/attenuverter. This 6HP width module has an 8-preset CV manager with two banks (bipolar and unipolar), and allows users to instantly, slew, or continuously change between stored CV values. Additionally, the module features a 3-channel macro CV generator with smooth min/max control via CV, trigger, or manual inputs. With its high-quality CV acquisition and output components, the Total Recall Silver is a great addition to any Eurorack setup for CV management.

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  2. Exploring Expressive Control with the Compact Joystick Eurorack Module: A Review of Transient Modules 7J

    The Transient Modules 7J is a compact joystick controller module that offers expressive control for performances and recordings. This module can work as an attenuator or attenuverter with selectable unipolar or bipolar mode switches. The inputs have dedicated attenuators, and both X and Y outputs are equipped with continuously variable offset control for adjusting voltage ranges independently. The joystick is without an auto-return to centre spring, perfect for hands-on expression and playful interaction. Additionally, the 7J has a manual gate generator onboard. All these features make the 7J an excellent choice for those looking to add expressive control to their modular setup.

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  3. Dance to the Beat of Your Own LFO with Crazy Chicken's Eurorack Module

    The Crazy Chicken Dance Eurorack module is a versatile LFO with eight waveforms, tap-tempo and clock sync, and amplitude control. It also has CV-modulation capabilities for all parameters and two outputs with unipolar and bipolar signals status LEDs. This module has a frequency range from 0.05Hz to audio-rate, allowing users to dance to their own beat.

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