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  1. Upgrade Your Ensemble Oscillator with a Sleek Black Panel: A Review of the 4ms Company's Panel Replacement

    Looking to give your Ensemble Oscillator a fresh look? The 4ms Company's sleek black panel replacement might just be the solution you're looking for. In this review, we take a closer look at how the black panel replacement can upgrade the ensemble oscillator's aesthetic and overall performance. At only $30, it's an affordable way to enhance your Eurorack module and add some personality to your setup. Check out our thoughts on this accessory for the 4ms Company's Ensemble Oscillator.

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  2. Unleash Your Creativity with the Allen Synthesis EuroPi: A Reprogrammable Multi-Function Controller

    The Allen Synthesis EuroPi is a reprogrammable multi-function controller that offers 6 CV outputs, one analogue input, one digital input, two knobs, two push buttons, and a 128x32px OLED display. This Eurorack module allows users to entirely re-write the program using any of the inputs and outputs for whatever they want, making it a highly versatile tool for unleashing one's creativity. The EuroPi can be used to replicate existing concepts, such as a quantiser or sample and hold, or users can write something entirely new. Plugging the module into a computer using a standard micro USB cable enables the user to reprogram the module, making it a flexible and dynamic addition to any setup.

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  3. Exploring the paratek-RZRV-black-1u: A Vactrol-Based Random Gater-Interruptor Eurorack Module for Creative Signal Manipulation

    The paratek-RZRV-black-1u is a vactrol-based random gater-interruptor Eurorack module that allows for creative signal manipulation. With four independent generators, this module can perform two tasks depending on the operating conditions. When an external signal is connected, the device will break and pass it according to a unique random algorithm. In the absence of an incoming signal, the device transmits +5v to use as the gate, triggers, etc. Each channel has a smooth setting from rare skips to infrequent interrupts. Users can customize the units with knobs and LED colors. The module can be ordered directly by email and payment can be made through PayPal.

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  4. Exploring the Creative Possibilities of the Abyss Devices LPG VCA Eurorack Module

    The Abyss Devices LPG VCA Eurorack module offers creative possibilities for sound sculpting with its dual passive LPG and vactrols in sockets. It comes with handmade vactrols made of carefully selected parts, which can be easily experimented with or DIYed by swapping them out of the sockets. The module also features a fall trimmer that controls the vactrol response curve and volume, allowing for a range of natural long vactrol response time to very short decay. Additionally, the module functions best with short triggers to produce a snappy sound, and an LED monitors the CV in socket signal. Inserting CV from LFO, ADSR, sequencers, and other sources into the CV in sockets allows it to be used as a VCA. Finally, the module has no power consumption and a muted output when no CV in signal is present.

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  5. Creating Unique Soundscapes with a Custom Eurorack Setup

    This article explores the creation of unique soundscapes through custom Eurorack setups. It suggests combining Patching Panda Operat, Noise Engineering Quantus Ampla, Endorphin.es Cockpit 1U, Nonlinearcircuits Clump, and Guru Gara Synth 3340 VCO modules to enhance modulation configurations, VCA response, mixing and CV control options, dynamic sidechain compression, and different waveforms with hard and soft sync inputs. The article emphasizes the endless possibilities that a custom Eurorack setup can create for electronic music producers.

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