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  1. ST Modular RADIO: An Analog FM Radio Module with Automatic Channel-Search and CV Control

    The ST Modular RADIO is an FM radio module for Eurorack that features automatic channel search and CV control. Supporting a frequency band of 83.5-114 MHz with automatic noise suppression, the module allows for quick channel changes via trigger/gate inputs or manual buttons. The RST function resets the search to the lowest frequency, and the module also includes two volume buttons and active gain stage adjustable via trimmer. Overall, the ST Modular RADIO is a never-ending sound source and a great addition to any Eurorack setup.

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  2. Embrace the Nostalgia: Create Unique FM Sounds with NoisyFruitLab's FM4 Eurorack Module

    The NoisyFruitLab FM4 Eurorack module is a classic radio FM transceiver module that allows users to create unique FM sounds. With CV inputs for tuning and level control and main pots that act as offset controls, the FM4 is a fantastic random chopping source for all kinds of artifacts found in the FM universe. The module can also be used to listen to radio stations traditionally, with a typical eurorack wire antenna and fancy LED indication for the final output stage. The FM4 is an 8HP module with a depth of 30mm, +12V 33mA, and -12V 12mA.

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