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  1. Exploring the Creative Possibilities of the Kaona Skippy Live Eurorack Expander Module

    This article delves into the exciting creative possibilities offered by the Kaona Skippy Live Eurorack Expander Module. The expander enhances the functionalities of Skippy with features like CV gate or trig inputs for Reset and Play/stop, dedicated buttons for Reset and Play/stop, a Live mode on/off button, and a versatile layout consisting of 16 function potentiometers and 4 algorithm potentiometers for customizable control. The Save function ensures that the settings used in Skippy Live are saved automatically, offering a seamless user experience. For more information, visit: https://www.kaona.fr/index.php/en/component/eshop/skippy-live?Itemid=0

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  2. Unlocking Creativity: Making the Most of ISI WREN - A Deep Dive into Generating Repeatable Random Gate and CV Sequences

    ISI WREN is a digital sequencer that excels in creating repeatable random gate and CV sequences, perfect for crafting techno synth lines. With its CHANCE slider, MODE slider, and various patching options, ISI WREN allows for the generation of intricate sequences that can be looped and fine-tuned to suit your musical needs. From adjusting sequence length and range to syncing with external clocks, this module offers a wide range of possibilities for both seasoned musicians and beginners alike. With features like random CV and Gate generation, looped sequences, and the ability to repeat different sequences, ISI WREN provides a versatile and user-friendly experience in a skiff-friendly format.

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  3. Mixing Clocks, Signals, and Levels: Eurorack Fun Ahead!

    This article explores the creative possibilities of combining the Michigan Synth Works Micro Temps Utile module with its versatile clock and CV manipulation capabilities, along with the Noise Engineering Xer Mixa summing mixer for precise control over multiple input sources. The Intellijel 104HP Palette Case provides a solid foundation for housing these modules with its built-in features and compact design. Additionally, the Visible Signals Video Mult module offers buffered multiple outputs for clean signal distribution, while the Mosaic Line Out 1U tile ensures proper level adjustment for seamless integration with external audio devices. Get ready for some serious Eurorack fun ahead!

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  4. Unleashing Unlimited Creative Potential: Exploring the Voxmachina Leo Leo Matrix Programmer/Sequencer

    Discover the Voxmachina Leo Leo Matrix Programmer/Sequencer, an innovative Eurorack module offering complex CV channels and versatile sequencing capabilities. Unlock boundless creativity with precise control over each stage and multiple clock inputs for both structured and generative music production. Explore endless possibilities in modular synthesis with this cutting-edge device, available at Siam Modular.

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  5. Exploring the Sonic Dimensions: Introducing the Intellijel Flurry Eurorack Module

    Introducing the Intellijel Flurry Eurorack Module, a versatile tool that unleashes clocks, noises, and randomness for exploration and experimentation. From synthesis to modulation, clocking to signal modification, Flurry breathes new life and dimensions into your patches. Discover its core functions, including clock/random pulse source, pink/white noise sources, sample/track & hold circuits, analog slew with adjustable time, envelope follower, and 16 noise synthesis algorithms. Embrace the power of noise as a sonic tool with this noise lover's toolbox. Explore the Flurry module: https://intellijel.com/shop/eurorack/flurry/

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