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  1. Exploring the Multifunctionality of the Instruō Làrachd: An All-in-One Solution for Eurorack Users

    The Instruō Làrachd is a versatile and multifunctional utility module that serves as an all-in-one solution for eurorack users. This fully analog module offers various methods of interfacing external signals and interactions into musically useful control voltage signals, including a stereo line level to dual mono modular level converter, a condenser microphone, an audio enhancer, an envelope follower, a threshold comparator, and a dual footswitch interface. With its Swiss Army knife-like capabilities, the Làrachd can process line level signals with modular effects, control processors like filters and VCAs with acoustic signals, and even facilitate hands-free recording on the Arbhar or Lúbadh. This module is a must-have for any eurorack setup looking for a versatile and reliable utility module.

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