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  1. Get Creative with Favorite Avocado Toast: An Analog Filter, Modulator, and Overdrive in One Eurorack Module

    The "Favorite Avocado Toast" is not your ordinary filter module - it's a powerful sound processing tool that allows you to shape your signal using a 24db/oct analog filter, add harmonics with its built-in modulator, and achieve a warm and "colored" sound with its overdrive on the output. This full analog module also has three CV inputs and can function as an oscillator. Check out Crazy Chicken Mod's Instagram for more information.

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  2. Exploring the Mighty Sound of the GRP A1: A Portable Analog Synth and Eurorack Module

    The GRP A1 is a powerful and portable analog synthesizer and Eurorack module with a mighty sound. It can be used as a standalone musical instrument or to filter external signals through its Low Pass 18dB VCF resonant circuit. Featuring three internal signals (VCO, SUB, and NOISE), two Low-Frequency Oscillators (LFOs) and an Envelope Generator ADSR, the GRP A1 allows for easy sculpting of cyclic or transient modulation behavior. It can be powered using a USB type C cable or installed in any Eurorack modular system, making it a versatile and flexible addition to any setup.

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