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  1. The Versatile 2LFO Eurorack Module: A Double LFO with Variable Wave and Frequency Modulation Capabilities

    The In The Trees 2LFO Eurorack Module is a versatile double LFO module that offers variable wave and frequency modulation capabilities. With its frequency range from ~0.01Hz to 2Hz in slow mode and from 1.5Hz to 170Hz in fast mode, it provides users with a wide range of options for creating unique sounds. The module features 2 outputs for each oscillator - triangle and variable wave - which can be adjusted from a triangle to something close to a square wave. Additionally, users can modulate the wave shape on the variable wave output and perform frequency modulation with the penetration of the modulating signal into the output. This module is available as a full DIY kit.

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  2. Sebsongs Modular ST Mixer XL: The Ultimate Eurorack Stereo Mixer for Headphones and Recording

    The Sebsongs Modular ST Mixer XL is the ultimate stereo mixer for headphones and recording, featuring eight channels, headphone amplifier, and versatile controls for a larger eurorack system with mono voices and stereo effects. Perfect for simultaneous recording and portable use. Available as a DIY kit at Thonk!

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  3. Get Your Portable Eurorack System Rolling with the ST MIXER: A 5-Channel Stereo Panning Mixer with Headphone Amplifier

    The ST MIXER is a versatile and portable 5-channel stereo panning mixer with a built-in headphone amplifier. It is a great final output module for a small eurorack system designed for use with headphones or portable recorders. The mixeur has three mono channels with level and panning control and one stereo channel with level control and separate inputs for left and right. It also has a stereo headphone output with level control that can drive most headphones and doubles as a recording output. The ST MIXER is perfect for a starter eurorack system with a couple of synth voices and a stereo effect. It is available as a DIY kit from Thonk and Exploding Shed.

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  4. Exploring the AtoVproject Gaeto Black: The New Clock Logic Module That Rewards Exploration.

    The AtoVproject Gaeto Black is a new type of clocked logic module that rewards exploration. This 6hp module can perform a variety of functions including clock division, legato generation, trigger to gate conversion, rhythm quantization, sub-octave generation with PWM, and generative trigger sequencing. The module stores a 1 if the input signal is over 1V and a 0 if not, and then outputs accordingly on the next clock pulse. The output can follow the pulse width of the clock or be maintained high until the next clock, which can be CV-controllable. Multiple Gaetos can be chained together to create shift register functions. The module is available in both assembled and DIY kit forms, with black or grey panels.

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  5. Coven LFO: The Tiny Modulation Source That Packs a Witchy Punch

    The Coven LFO is a compact modulation source that can deliver sync channels ranging from slow to audio rate. It has four bipolar CV outputs and selectable waveshapes, including triangle, saw, square, and stepped random voltages. The module also features an FM input and a Sync input, making it suitable for use as a clock divider and rhythm section. The Coven LFO is available in both a DIY kit and a complete module, and the firmware is provided in Arduino format for hackers and tinkerers.

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