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  1. Breathe Life Into Your Eurorack Patches with the MVMNT Module

    Breathe life into your Eurorack patches with the MVMNT module - a versatile and precise smooth random control voltage generator that adds vitality and dynamic expression to your modular setup. With adjustable intensity and precise control over modulation, it offers a wide range of possibilities. Its dual-panel design allows you to switch between the MVMNT module and the original SYNC MOD LFO, providing flexibility and added value. Whether you choose the complete built module, DIY kit, or PCB kit, MVMNT is beginner-friendly with straightforward assembly. Say goodbye to static soundscapes and embrace the beauty of randomness with the MVMNT module.

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  2. Hermod+: The Essential Eurorack Sequencer and Interface for Your Modular Setup

    Hermod+ is the ultimate sequencer and interface for your modular setup, with advanced features, a sleek design, and expanded connectivity capabilities. It serves as the central hub, bridging the gap between CV/Gate and MIDI with its refined interface. Inspired by the flagship sequencer Hapax, it features a wide screen and a grid-based sequencer for a streamlined workflow. With 16 tracks, 16 patterns per track, and extensive automation options, Hermod+ offers unlimited projects, a global transpose track, and a double project architecture. Its hardware specifications include various inputs and outputs, a high-resolution display, and configurable power options.

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  3. Control Your Composition with Mosaic Clock: The Configurable Master Clock Source Eurorack Module

    The article 'Control Your Composition with Mosaic Clock: The Configurable Master Clock Source Eurorack Module' delves into the features and benefits of the Mosaic Clock Eurorack module. It provides insight into how the Mosaic Clock allows artists to have full control over their compositions by serving as a configurable master clock source with knob and CV control over the clock rate, two range settings, and a pause feature via the Hold button/gate input. It also highlights the fact that the Mosaic Clock is a compact module that can help keep your patch in sync. Overall, the article emphasizes the usefulness of the Mosaic Clock in taking your music productions to the next level.

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