Breathe Life Into Your Eurorack Patches with the MVMNT Module

MVMNT is an outstanding Eurorack module that injects life and dynamic expressions into your patches. With strong similarities to the NLC Sloth module, MVMNT shifts the paradigm by adding precision and versatility when adjusting the shape and intensity of the smooth random values generated.

Accentuating smooth random modulation, users will appreciate the precise control offered by MVMNT. As an adaptation of the HAGIWO 58th original Eurorack modular synth DIY project, this module combines the unique features of the Bezier curve random CV generator and the HAGIWO #12 SYNC LFO with perfection.

For those seeking precision, MVMNT provides it in abundance. It allows for precise control over the shape and rate of smooth random modulation. The adjustable intensity allows you to fine-tune the randomness to suit your taste. The dual-panel design by bkrsmdesign incorporates a flip panel that features the original SYNC MOD LFO on the backside. This dual-use design allows you to switch between the two modules, providing flexibility and added value.

Dipping into the category of unprecedented versatility, MVMNT offers three different options. The complete built module promises instant satisfaction, the complete DIY kit creates a hands-on experience, and the panel/PCB kit with pre-placed SMD components offers the perfect entry point into SYNTH DIY. Whichever path you choose, rest assured that beginner-friendliness is at the forefront. Straightforward assembly is a key feature of MVMNT, making it very welcoming to newcomers in the world of modular synths.

MVMNT steps up in the Eurorack module game by introducing the power of smooth random Control Voltage (CV). This key feature brings dynamic and unpredictable modulation possibilities to your modular setup. Static soundscapes will be a thing of the past as you embrace the beauty of randomness.

Besides these features, MVMNT also offers Track & Hold using the TRIG Input, additional inverted and Bipolar Outputs, and a wide range of firmware options that increase the versatility of this Eurorack module even more.

In terms of knobs, MVMNT is equipped with four. The ELEVATE knob sets the voltage range from 0 to 10V. The STRETCH σ knob controls the width of frequency fluctuation, with higher values introducing an element of unpredictability. The SMOOTH Curve Knob modifies the curvature of the voltage change, while the FLUCTUATE Frequency Knob allows you to adjust the frequency of voltage change. Together, these knobs provide comprehensive control over the module.

Keeping up with technological advances, MVMNT is built with Arduino Nano v3 (USB-C) and comes with four potentiometer knobs. It offers TRIG Input (5V) and output voltage of 0/+10V. The module is also skiff-friendly due to its shallow depth of 24mm.

MVMNT has quickly become an essential companion in our modular synth patches, as it offers the automation and randomness to delve deeper into composition and exploration. Building the Module is simple and suitable for beginners, as all Kits come with SMD parts already soldered.

Among various other resources, the module also comes with a quick-start assembly instruction, a build video, and a firmware uploader for a smooth setup for all skill levels.

There's no doubt that MVMNT is breathing new life into Eurorack patches and we can't wait to see where it takes the world of modular synths. We owe the inspiration and execution of this landmark Eurorack module to HAGIWO, Michael Zülch, and everyone involved in this outstanding project.

Example Usage

Novice Level Example:

Let's say you have a eurorack setup with a drum module that you want to add some dynamic modulation to. By using the MVMNT module, you can breathe life into your drum patterns and create interesting variations.

Here's a simple usage example:

  1. Connect the output of your drum module to the TRIG input of the MVMNT module.
  2. Take the bipolar output of the MVMNT module and connect it to the pitch or frequency parameter of your drum module.
  3. Adjust the knobs on the MVMNT module to shape the modulation according to your liking. - ELEVATE: Set the voltage range to control the intensity of the modulation. - STRETCH σ: Control the width of the frequency fluctuation. Increase it to introduce unpredictability. - SMOOTH Curve: Modify the curvature of the voltage change. Experiment with different values to find interesting variations. - FLUCTUATE Frequency: Adjust the speed of the modulation to suit the desired rhythm.

Now, when you trigger your drum module, the MVMNT module will add smooth random modulation to its pitch or frequency, creating organic and evolving drum patterns. Experiment with different settings on the MVMNT module to discover new and exciting variations.

Remember to have fun and let the MVMNT module breathe life into your eurorack patches!

One way to use the MVMNT module to breathe life into your Eurorack patches is by utilizing its Bezier Curve Smooth Random Control Voltage feature. This feature allows you to generate smooth random voltages with adjustable shape and intensity. Here's an intermediate-level example of how you can use it in your patch:

  1. Start by connecting the MVMNT module to your Eurorack power supply and patch cables.
  2. Take the output of the MVMNT module and connect it to the input of a filter module.
  3. Adjust the ELEVATE knob on the MVMNT module to set the voltage range. Experiment with different ranges to find the sweet spot for your patch.
  4. Set the STRETCH σ knob to control the width of frequency fluctuation. Increase the value to introduce more unpredictability and randomness to the modulation.
  5. Use the SMOOTH Curve knob to modify the curvature of the voltage change. Higher values will add more pronounced curves to the modulation, creating interesting and dynamic variations.
  6. Adjust the FLUCTUATE Frequency knob to control the speed of voltage change. Play around with different frequencies to find the right pace for your patch.
  7. Connect the output of the filter module to an amplifier or VCA module to hear the effect of the MVMNT-generated smooth random voltages on your sound.
  8. Experiment with tweaking the knobs on the MVMNT module to fine-tune the modulation and explore different possibilities for your patch.

By incorporating the MVMNT module's Bezier Curve Smooth Random Control Voltage feature into your patch, you can add a level of unpredictability and dynamic expression to your Eurorack setup. Embrace the beauty of randomness and let the MVMNT module inspire new sonic possibilities in your compositions.

Further Thoughts

One creative way to use the MVMNT module is to generate ever-evolving rhythmic patterns. By connecting the MVMNT's smooth random control voltage output to the clock input of a percussion module, such as a drum or noise generator, you can introduce unpredictable variations to the rhythm. Adjusting the ELEVATE knob will determine the voltage range, while the STRETCH σ knob controls the width of frequency fluctuation, allowing you to shape the randomness of the rhythm. Additionally, the SMOOTH Curve knob can be used to modify the curvature of the voltage change, adding a unique dynamic to the rhythmic pattern. With the MVMNT module, you can breathe life into your eurorack patches by adding organic and ever-changing rhythms to your compositions.