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  1. Get Moving with Music Thing Modular's limited edition dualMOVE module

    The limited edition dualMOVE module from Music Thing Modular is now available for Eurorack enthusiasts. The 4hp module features a motion detecting PIR sensor that triggers a 2-channel switch when a warm body moves within range. When both switches are in 'MOVE' position, input and output are connected only during movement or a brief delay after movement. 'STOP' reverses the situation, allowing signal to pass through only when there's no motion. The FLIP input overrides the sensor, flipping a signal each time it passes the threshold and creating a fast and audible relay. The module can also be used to trigger sequencers and other devices, and can even function as a crude and noisy oscillator.

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  2. Exploring the Dual Euclidean Sequencing with Rebel Technology's Stoicheia Black

    The article titled 'Exploring the Dual Euclidean Sequencing with Rebel Technology's Stoicheia Black' delves into the functionalities of Stoicheia Black, which is a dual Euclidean sequencer. The module generates rhythmic sequences algorithmically based on an input trigger signal, and each sequence is regulated by a column of three knobs and a switch. The article highlights that the length of the sequence is measured in clocks or beats and can range from 1 to 16, with the center position being at 8. The number of on-beats is controlled by the third knob, where fully clockwise sets every beat 'on.' The article provides an overview of the top knob's function, which adjusts the beat the sequence starts on, allowing users to rotate the sequence left or right. Furthermore, the updated version of Stoicheia doesn't require a 5V rail and is available in kit form from Befaco Synths.

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