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  1. Exploring the Juno-inspired sounds of the Winterbloom Castor & Pollux Eurorack module

    The Winterbloom Castor & Pollux Eurorack module is a dual Juno-inspired oscillator that faithfully modernizes the original Juno 106 design. The module offers independent and mixed ramp, pulse, and sub outputs, and the second oscillator can be used to layer in thick detuned sounds or harmonically complex hard-synced waveforms. The digitally-controlled chorusing adds a unique twist to the Juno chorus circuit. With the Castor & Pollux, users can explore the iconic sound of the 80s in a new and innovative way.

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  2. Discover the ALSTADEN Eurorack Module: An Analog Waveshaping Oscillator, Waveshaper, and VCA All Rolled Into One

    The ALSTADEN Eurorack Module is an analog waveshaping oscillator, waveshaper, and VCA in one, offering harsh and harmonically rich sounds. Its five different waveforms can be adjusted with sliding potentiometers, and wavefolding can be controlled with SHAPE A and SHAPE B knobs and CV inputs. The SUBOCTAVE has two stages of -1 and -2 octaves. The TONE control allows equalization of the output before it is fed to an internal VCA, controlled via the ENV IN socket. Linear and exponential FM can be applied via the FM input, while the V/OCT input controls pitch. Two audio inputs, EXT IN A and B, enable external signals to be routed through the module's functions.

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  3. Bigger Sound in a Smaller Package: Reviewing the After Later Audio Beehive Uplaits Eurorack Module

    The After Later Audio Beehive Uplaits is a compact, 8hp module that offers full-size knobs for the four main functions of the module. It is a functionally identical clone of the Mutable Instruments Plaits and provides a bigger sound in a smaller package. The module comes equipped with new aluminum knobs for a non-slip texture and allows for more finger space over the standard Davies knobs. With its compact size and depth of 25mm, the Beehive strikes a nice balance between size and playability. Overall, this module is an excellent option for those looking to save space in their Eurorack setup without sacrificing functionality.

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