Get Creative with Per4mer: A Hands-On Guide to Modbap Modular's Quad Performance Effects Eurorack Module

The Modbap Modular Per4mer is a must-have for any eurorack enthusiast looking to add some flair to their live performances. This 14hp quad performance effects unit offers unparalleled hands-on and CV/Gate controlled effects, perfect for those looking to experiment with new sounds.

The Per4mer features four performance effects: Delay, Reverb, Glitch, and Tape Stop. Each effect allows for unique creative beat and melody generation experiences that can be either momentarily engaged or latched to the FX. Combining the effects simultaneously or independently of each other creates an inspiring effect palette, resulting in never-ending sound possibilities.

The module's Color processor includes eight fixed color presets: Classic (12bit), LoFi (8 Bit), Saturation, Wax, Wax2, LP Filter, HP Filter, and White Noise. When combined with the onboard Compressor and Side-Chain input, any audio signal's vibe and mood can be instantly transformed. The Color processor also features a wet/dry control and four coloration presets, including Classic (12-bit), LoFi (8 Bit), Saturation, and Wax.

Engaging the Reverb with the "12-bit classic" color option gives an incredibly lush lo-fi reverb sound, while disengaging the color option allows the reverb to remain just as beautiful and hi-fi. In contrast, the Glitch effect is inspired by classic beat repeat and looper effects and offers four controls: Wet/Dry (sound on sound), Loop size, Pitch, and Reverse. The Tape Stop effect allows for the perfect punctuation of any audio signal.

Per4mer's features include four no-click 24mm mini arcade buttons (life cycle rated at 10 million button presses), four knobs to control four parameters per effect, and Gate inputs to trigger the arcade buttons. Additional features are the Compressor with controls for Make-up Gain, Threshold, Ratio, Attack, and Release, stereo input and output, Clock input, Tap Tempo, and CV control over knobs.

In conclusion, Modbap Modular's Per4mer is a must-have for those looking to add some fun, creativity, and uniqueness to their live performances. The module's combination of performance effects, processing effects, and coloration presets result in never-ending sound possibilities, making this quad performance effects unit a powerful tool for any eurorack setup.

Example Usage

If you're new to the Per4mer quad performance effects module and want to get started, start by plugging in your audio source to the stereo input. Try engaging the Color processor and select one of the 8 coloration presets like LoFi or Saturation. Then, experiment with the Compressor controls to fine-tune your sound. Once you have your desired tone set, try playing with the Glitch effect by pressing the corresponding arcade button and adjusting the Wet/Dry, Loop Size, Pitch, and Reverse knobs for a unique and rhythmic effect. Don't forget to try out the Tape Stop effect as well, perfect for adding dynamic stops to your live performance.

Imagine you are performing live, and you want to create a unique break in your beat. With Per4mer, you can use its "Glitch" effect to achieve this. Engage the "Glitch" effect, set the "Loop size" to a short duration, and trigger the effect button with a gate input to create a stuttering effect in your beat. You can also adjust the "Pitch" and "Reverse" knobs to further manipulate the sound. This hands-on approach to live performance effects allows for a more organic and creative process.

Further Thoughts

One creative way to use Per4mer during a live performance is to use its Glitch effect in combination with a sequenced pattern. By sending a clock signal to Per4mer's clock input and sequencing a pattern with a gate signal to trigger the Glitch effect, you can create complex and unique glitchy rhythms in real-time. Using Per4mer's CV control over the Loop Size and Pitch parameters, you can further manipulate and modulate the glitch pattern. The result is a dynamic and unpredictable glitch performance that adds a new dimension to your live set.