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  1. Guru Gara Synth: Unleashing Creative Sidechain Techniques with Dual Side Chain VCA Module

    Discover the Guru Gara Synth Dual Side Chain VCA Module, a unique Eurorack module that mimics sidechain compression techniques, allowing for dynamic and creative sound manipulation. Control gain reduction using audio input or CV, adjust attack and decay, and customize the depth of gain reduction. With its dual unit design and handcrafted PCB front panel, this module delivers innovative modulation and envelopes for your eurorack setup. Perfect for artists seeking to unleash their creative sidechain techniques in electronic dance music and beyond.

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  2. Unleashing the Power of Analog Saturation with the British Noise Electronics Cascading FET Amplifier Eurorack Module

    The British Noise Electronics Cascading FET Amplifier Eurorack Module is an analog saturation powerhouse that is made up of four cascading JFET amplification stages, each of which can be used separately. The module gives users a lot of control over the amount of gain and distortion, while also allowing for easy use in a stereo configuration with its shared EQ knobs. It is an excellent option for users looking to add analog saturation and distortion to their Eurorack setup.

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  3. AD110: The Ultimate Analog Drum Machine in a 16HP Eurorack Module

    The AD110 is a compact 16HP Eurorack module that packs the power of a vintage Japanese drum machine with its 6-voice analog drum module. It features a faithful recreation of all 6 DR110 voices in Eurorack signal format, with additional tone adjustments that allow for customization beyond standard DR110 settings. The module also includes individual outs and a mix out with accent input, and uses all through-hole parts without any rare components. Weston Precision Audio's AD110 is the ultimate analog drum machine for any music producer who desires both vintage and modern drum sounds in a single module.

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