Exploring the Endorphin.es Running Order Black: A Flexible 2-Track Trigger Sequencer and Euclidean Generator for Your Eurorack Setup

The Endorphin.es Running Order Black is a powerful two-track trigger sequencer and Euclidean generator that adds flexibility to any Eurorack setup. With a compact 6HP design and zero-jitter clock generation, the module can be used as a precise master clock or as a sub-sequencer/divider.

The module has a 101 style 1/16th note input mode with manual or CV controllable amount of trigger repeats when the active trigger step happens, allowing for per step trigger probability. Additionally, the Euclidean mode enabled for each track allows for global probability, where we can set Euclidean total steps amount in the circle and then amount of triggers happening in that circle.

Moreover, the Endorphin.es Running Order Black comes with separate synchronization inputs, with sync for track 1 normalled to sync track 2, and a clock divider for incoming external clocks. The clock divider allows for various musical divisions, including triplets and tuplets mode, which stretches the desired amount of triggers happening into a single bar.

The module also has separate mute buttons for each track, and eight patterns of trigger sequences stored in the module that are recalled on the next power up. This makes it a versatile module for creating complex soundscapes.

In conclusion, the Endorphin.es Running Order Black is an excellent addition to any Eurorack setup. Its flexibility, compact design, and precise clock generation make it a must-have for both live performances and studio sessions. Its ability to manipulate incoming clock signals and work as a sub-sequencer/divider add an extra layer of creativity to any setup. Overall, this module is an excellent investment for both professional and amateur electronic music producers.

Example Usage

For a novice-level usage example with the Endorphin.es Running Order Black Eurorack module, you can use it as a simple trigger sequencer by connecting a clock signal to the sync input and selecting the 101 mode. Then, you can use the manual buttons or CV input to add triggers to the sequence on each step, creating a basic rhythm. The separate mute buttons for each track can be used to turn on and off individual triggers or tracks. With the ability to save up to 8 patterns, you can easily switch between different rhythms in your performance or production.

An intermediate-level usage example for the Endorphin.es Running Order Black module would be to use it as a sub-sequencer and divider in your Eurorack setup. You could feed an incoming clock signal into the module and use it to manipulate the timing and rhythm of your sequences. By adjusting the trigger repeats and setting the Euclidean total steps and triggers for each track, you can create complex and interesting rhythmic patterns. You could also use the module's clock divider to quickly obtain various musical divisions on the fly, including triplets and tuplets. With the ability to store eight patterns of trigger sequences, the Running Order Black can be a valuable tool for adding dynamic and varied rhythms to your music.

Further Thoughts

For a dynamic and evolving drum beat, connect the Running Order Black to two percussion sound sources and program Euclidean patterns with different step counts and probability settings on each track. Use the CV input to vary the probability of each trigger step while the sequence is playing, or manually adjust the repeats of individual steps to create evolving rhythmic variations. Combine this with the clock divider to create complex and constantly shifting percussion sequences that keep your listeners engaged and moving to the beat.