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  1. Managing Your Eurorack Signals Made Easy with TipTop Audio's Wayout8 Patchbay Module

    The Wayout8 Patchbay Module from TipTop Audio is a must-have for any Eurorack system, streamlining the management of signals between your DAW inputs and outputs or between different cases. The module's grounding feature ensures that even with nothing plugged into the inputs, your outputs remain grounded and free from noise. With eight passive channels, the Wayout8 can be used for both audio and CV gate without modifying your signals, and it can be mounted in two different ways for maximum ergonomic placement in your system. Plus, it doesn't require any power, making it an easy and essential addition to any Eurorack setup.

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  2. Exploring the Unpredictable and Evolving Sounds of the Reverse Landfill Noise V9 Eurorack Module

    The Reverse Landfill Noise V9 Eurorack Module is a patchable noise source that creates unpredictable and evolving sounds through four square wave oscillators that modulate each other, go through a clock divider, and are mixed. With 20 patchpoints and the ability to patch LDRs or resistors into the patchbay, this module is suitable for creating harsh noise, random control voltage, snares, hi-hats, or "unpure" audio textures. The article explores the unique features of the module and the different combinations that can be made for even more variation in sound.

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  3. Discover the Unique Sounds of the Bastl Instruments SoftPop SP2: A Semi-Modular Synth with Integrated Quantizer and Sequencer

    The Bastl Instruments SoftPop SP2 is a semi-modular synthesizer with an integrated quantizer and sequencer. It's a unique instrument that has been in development for three years, and is a rework of the original 2017 CASPERxBASTL Softpop. The SoftPop SP2 is a radical subtractive synth that excels at both melody and noise equally, ranging from bassline bangers to angelic chord progressions and distorted beats. Its patchbay is eurorack compatible, and it has the additional capability of processing inbound audio through the filter and VCA. The SoftPop SP2 comes with a 16-pin eurorack power header that requires 5 volts in the bus-board, and adaptors for mounting to eurorack rails are available as open-source files.

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