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  1. Unleashing Massive Analog Power: Exploring the Winterbloom Castor & Pollux II - A Dual Juno-inspired Oscillator

    Discover the Winterbloom Castor & Pollux II, a powerful dual Juno-inspired oscillator that combines the classic '80s sound with its own massive voice. With two digitally-controlled analog oscillators, thick detuned sounds and harmonically complex waveforms are created, while the redesigned interface and expansion for individual waveform outputs enhance user experience. Explore the massive analog power of Castor & Pollux II.

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  2. Get Creative with Winterbloom's Big Honking Button: A Eurorack Sampler with a Sense of Humor

    The Winterbloom Big Honking Button is a fun and quirky Eurorack sampler module that lives up to its name - it's a big button that honks. But don't let the humor fool you, this module is a powerful sampler that can be easily connected to your computer via USB and customized to your heart's content using CircuitPython. This article highlights the module's unique features and encourages readers to get creative with their sampling using the Big Honking Button.

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