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  1. Unlocking Rhythm Variations: A Review of the ST Modular Chasing Lights Eurorack Module

    The ST Modular Chasing Lights Eurorack module is a 3-channel analog trigger sequencer that allows for rhythm variations. With a total of 8 trigger or clock outputs per channel, each with 8 trigger steps that can be activated or inactivated with a push-button per step, the module allows for clocking each sequence at its own external clock rate. The module also features a clock divider and channel chaining, which is one of its most interesting functions, allowing for sequences up to a length of 24 steps. The module does not have mutes, but external modules with on/off switches or mixers can be used for that purpose. With wrong polarity protection, the module consists of a front PCB panel and a main PCB.

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  2. Improving Mobility for Eurorack Users: A Review of the OXI Pipe Eurorack Breakout Module for the OXI ONE Sequencer

    The OXI Pipe Eurorack breakout module for the OXI ONE sequencer is a compact 6HP design that enhances mobility for Eurorack users by routing the 8 CVs and 8 gates outputs plus the reset/CV in and clock inputs through a single HDMI cable. With no power supply required and consumption at 0mA, the module also allows for interconnection between racks when using two OXI Pipes. The module comes with a micro-HDMI to HDMI cable, and any 2.0 HDMI or higher version can be used. However, longer cables may reduce the accuracy and quality of the CV signals.

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  3. Erfurt by Xaoc Devices: A Versatile Leibniz Binary System Component for Creating Complex Rhythmic Patterns

    The Erfurt by Xaoc Devices is a versatile digital module that can act as an 8-output clock and audio frequency divider, a bi-directional binary counter, and a programmable digital oscillator. It features an 8-bit register that changes state by 1 at each impulse from the clock inputs, with clock patterns corresponding to mathematical or musical divisions of rhythm. When connected to other Leibniz modules, the Erfurt can play various roles, such as generating gate patterns for Odessa harmonic banks or producing interesting glissandi with Drezno and any VCO. The module is based on CMOS logic, allowing it to be clocked at high frequencies and includes clock pre-scaling selection switches.

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