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  1. Modular Madness: Feedback Sub, Vult Caudal & More Unite!

    The article 'Modular Madness: Feedback Sub, Vult Caudal & More Unite!' delves into the exciting combination of Eurorack modules. The Feedback Sub brings complex suboctave generation, adding depth and timbral variation to bass sounds. Vult Caudal introduces a mechanical chaos source with operating modes like Pendulum and Planets, providing modulating signals for a Eurorack system. The Farbfolder analog wavefolder offers harmonically related overtones, while Visible Signals Video Mult ensures accurate signal distribution with buffered multiple outputs. Lastly, Acid Rain Technology's Maestro brings clocked modulation control, enabling synchronized and evolving control voltages for dynamic performances. This union of modules promises a rich and diverse sound palette for modular enthusiasts.

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  2. Distorted Time and Flashing Patterns: Combining FSU White, Beat Freqs, Video Mult, and Quad Variable LFO

    In this article, we explore the combination of four Eurorack modules: FSU White, Beat Freqs, Video Mult, and Quad Variable LFO. The FSU White module offers timbral distortion and time bending effects with features like ring modulation and frequency shifting. The Beat Freqs module functions as a gate pattern generator, producing unique and unpredictable patterns through its 12 gate outputs and flashing LEDs. The Video Mult module is a buffered multiple module that provides unity gain buffering, allowing for multiple connections without signal degradation. Lastly, the Quad Variable LFO module offers four low-frequency oscillators with various waveforms, modulation options, and tempo-based modes. This combination of modules offers a vast range of creative possibilities and can be used to create complex and experimental soundscapes.

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  3. Twins of Chorus: Castor & Pollux Harmonize with Chasing Lights and Video Mult

    In this article, we explore the exciting combination of Winterbloom Castor & Pollux, ST Modular Chasing Lights, and Visible Signals Video Mult eurorack modules. The Castor & Pollux module is a dual Juno-inspired oscillator that offers rich, 80s sound with independent and mixed outputs. It also features a unique digitally-controlled chorusing effect. The Chasing Lights module is a versatile analog trigger sequencer with three channels, clock division options, and the ability to chain sequences for longer patterns. The Video Mult module solves the problem of signal loading and voltage drops when connecting one source signal to multiple modules, providing unity gain buffering for optimal performance. By combining these modules, you can create complex and harmonically rich electronic music setups. The article also mentions the Nonlinearcircuits More Black Panel module, which contains three individual cowbell circuits based on the TR-808, and the Ziqal Dimension MK3, a high-quality wavetable processor with advanced features.

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  4. Exploring the Benefits of the Video Mult Eurorack Module for Perfect Signal Distribution

    The article 'Exploring the Benefits of the Video Mult Eurorack Module for Perfect Signal Distribution' discusses the advantages of using the Video Mult Eurorack module for signal distribution in modular synthesizers. This module is a dual-channel buffered multiple with three outputs per channel that provides unity gain buffering to ensure each of the output sockets tracks the input correctly, no matter how many modules it's connected to and what load is put on it. The article explains how using a splitter cable or a passive multiple module can sometimes result in a loaded down signal or glitches, and how the Video Mult module solves those problems. Additionally, the module can be used as a six-output multiple by leaving the bottom input socket unconnected.

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