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  1. Exploring the Unpredictable and Evolving Sounds of the Reverse Landfill Noise V9 Eurorack Module

    The Reverse Landfill Noise V9 Eurorack Module is a patchable noise source that creates unpredictable and evolving sounds through four square wave oscillators that modulate each other, go through a clock divider, and are mixed. With 20 patchpoints and the ability to patch LDRs or resistors into the patchbay, this module is suitable for creating harsh noise, random control voltage, snares, hi-hats, or "unpure" audio textures. The article explores the unique features of the module and the different combinations that can be made for even more variation in sound.

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  2. Experience High-Fidelity Sound with Ladik M-610 Black: A Complete Guide to 6 Channel Stereo Mixer Module for Eurorack

    The Ladik M-610 Black is a 6 channel stereo mixer module for Eurorack that offers high-fidelity sound and versatile functionality. This complete guide explores the features of the module, including the input channels for left and right jacks, level sliders, and pan/bal pots, as well as the output jacks and level slider. The module can be expanded with the M-613 or M-616 for up to 12 inputs total. With a width of 20TE/20HP/100mm and a depth of 32mm/1.3", the Ladik M-610 Black is a compact and powerful tool for any Eurorack setup.

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