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  1. Step 8: The Revolutionary Eurorack Sequential Tracking/Sampling Register Module

    Step 8 is a new type of modular building block Eurorack module that offers a sequential tracking/sampling register, providing sequencers, sequential switches, counters, and analogue shift registers, among other functions. It features an analogue switch feeding eight track/sample-and-hold stages, each with an analogue output and gate output, controllable through a built-in 8-step counter or addressed directly by an analogue CV. The module uses advanced circuit techniques to avoid noise, distortion, and voltage issues, resulting in transparent signal paths with high precision and bandwidth. Its possibilities become endless with the ability to mute inactive stages, pause the counter, change its direction, shift stages on each step, and more. Additionally, it offers a scanning output, making it easy and intuitive for sequencer or addressed voltage source use.

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  2. Experience Controlled Chaos with Joranalogue Audio Design's Orbit 3 Double-Scroll Chaos Oscillator

    The Joranalogue Audio Design's Orbit 3 Double-Scroll Chaos Oscillator is a Eurorack module that introduces a natural irregularity to music with much more control and repeatability than simple randomness. The module incorporates a modified electronic analogue of the classic double-scroll attractor to create a 'strange' attractor, allowing for adjustment of the distribution of orbits, rate of movement, and positions of equilibrium points under manual or voltage control. It can operate in the audio frequency domain, yielding a variety of waveforms, from near-sine waves to white noise. The module also features temperature compensation and calibrated pitch tracking, making it an unconventional yet accurate audio oscillator. Connect any pair of outputs to the XY inputs of an oscilloscope to explore the chaotic visuals.

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