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  1. Unlocking Sonic Boundaries: Introducing Intellijel Stomp - Your Portal to Stompbox Nirvana and Eurorack Bliss

    Introducing Intellijel Stomp, the gateway between Eurorack and stompboxes. It empowers modular synthesists with access to guitar effects pedals while allowing guitarists to explore the vast world of Eurorack modulation. With expression control, built-in LFO, and various connectivity options, Stomp opens doors to sonic experimentation and limitless possibilities.

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  2. Unlocking Unprecedented Motion Complexity: A Comprehensive Guide to the Tiptop Audio Z8000 Matrix Sequencer/Programmer

    The Tiptop Audio Z8000 Matrix Sequencer/Programmer is a unique modulation source that allows for unprecedented motion complexity. This Eurorack module features 16 knobs that can be accessed by ten sequencers with their own clock, direction, and reset inputs. The Z8000 can simultaneously modulate up to 10 CV parameters poly-rhythmically, with one knob affecting all 10 CV outputs. With its 30 gate and clock inputs and 10 CV outputs, the possibilities are endless, and all clock inputs can even be driven at audio rates. The Z8000 pairs well with other modules such as the Trigger Riot and Circadian Rhythms, and the QuantiZer can extend its capabilities as a high-precision 1V/Oct note sequencer. A new version of the Z8000 maintains the original circuitry but adds output range adjustment switches on the back and Tiptop’s new colored look, which helps highlight the sections on the front.

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  3. The Instruo Tš-L V2: A Versatile and Compact Analogue VCO/LFO with Wave Folder and New Features

    The Instruō Tš-L V2 is a compact and versatile analogue VCO/LFO module that offers a variety of features in a small footprint. Its triangle core circuitry generates consistent waveforms over a wide frequency range, including simultaneous Square/Sub, Triangle, and Sine waveforms, and a voltage controllable wavefolder with complex PWM waveshaping. The updated Tš-L includes a new LFO button and a 3-way sub switch, making it a powerful audio source and modulation tool. Its specifications include 1V/octave, coarse and fine pitch controls, soft sync, FM input with attenuator, and PWM with CV control. This module is perfect for electronic music enthusiasts looking for a versatile and compact oscillator with advanced features.

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  4. Exploring the Versatility of the Cre8audio Function Junction Eurorack Module

    The Cre8audio Function Junction Eurorack module is a versatile tool that can be used as an envelope generator, voltage controlled LFO, slew generator, gate signal delay, envelope follower, clock source, voltage controlled clock divider, and more. The module features a fully analog Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers developed 4 stage ADSR circuit with independent Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release controls, with a voltage output range of 0V - 10V. Its Function Generator allows for control of attack, decay, response curve, and modulation input with a voltage output range of +/-5V. The module also includes a triangle and square LFO with a dedicated rate knob and LFO output voltage of +/-8V. Additionally, the module has a 3 channel attenuverting mixer with OR circuit and multiple output jacks for independent use.

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  5. Exploring the Versatile Capabilities of Kassutronics Slope: A Voltage-Controlled Slew Limiter and Modulation Source Eurorack Module

    The Kassutronics Slope is a versatile 8HP voltage-controlled slew limiter and modulation source module that offers far more functionality than its sleek design suggests. Inspired by the legendary Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator, the Slope allows for a broad range of modulation options, from simple slew limiting to complex ADSR envelope generation, via its gate input and sustain control. Additionally, the end-of-rise and end-of-cycle outputs enable voltage-controlled pulse timing functions, and the loop switch can turn the module into an oscillator capable of generating minute-long LFO cycles up to kHz range. The Slope's rise and fall sections also have independent shape controls that can vary between exponential growth, linear, and exponential decay. An excellent choice for creative modular setups.

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  6. Exploring the Legendary Precision VCO (PCO) Eurorack Module: Vintage Sound with Astonishing Precision

    The Precision VCO (PCO) is a legendary oscillator module by Serge that offers vintage sound with remarkable precision. This modular synth module has four waveform outputs, both linear and exponential frequency modulation capabilities, and an extended range from audio to sub-audio frequencies. Its excellent response, tracking, and stability make it ideal for use with other modules like NTO. The module features two calibrated one volt per octave inputs, a variable processing input, and a sync input for synchronizing with other oscillators. The Serge PCO is the only authorized version of the classic design.

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  7. Coven LFO: The Tiny Modulation Source That Packs a Witchy Punch

    The Coven LFO is a compact modulation source that can deliver sync channels ranging from slow to audio rate. It has four bipolar CV outputs and selectable waveshapes, including triangle, saw, square, and stepped random voltages. The module also features an FM input and a Sync input, making it suitable for use as a clock divider and rhythm section. The Coven LFO is available in both a DIY kit and a complete module, and the firmware is provided in Arduino format for hackers and tinkerers.

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