1. Expand your NerdSEQ's Capabilities with XOR Electronics' More Video-IO Eurorack Module

    The 'More Video-IO' eurorack module by XOR Electronics is an innovative video expander designed for the NerdSEQ sequencer. It allows for the addition of a HDMI or Composite Video breakout for the NerdSEQ screen, as well as a USB Host input for connecting a PC keyboard. With this module, users can expand their NerdSEQ's capabilities and create even more complex and visually stunning electronic music performances. The module is expected to be available soon.

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  2. Erfurt by Xaoc Devices: A Versatile Leibniz Binary System Component for Creating Complex Rhythmic Patterns

    The Erfurt by Xaoc Devices is a versatile digital module that can act as an 8-output clock and audio frequency divider, a bi-directional binary counter, and a programmable digital oscillator. It features an 8-bit register that changes state by 1 at each impulse from the clock inputs, with clock patterns corresponding to mathematical or musical divisions of rhythm. When connected to other Leibniz modules, the Erfurt can play various roles, such as generating gate patterns for Odessa harmonic banks or producing interesting glissandi with Drezno and any VCO. The module is based on CMOS logic, allowing it to be clocked at high frequencies and includes clock pre-scaling selection switches.

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  3. Elevate Your Eurorack Sequencing with Endorphin.es Running Order 1U Black

    The article 'Elevate Your Eurorack Sequencing with Endorphin.es Running Order 1U Black' focuses on a two-track trigger sequencer module - the Endorphin.es Running Order 1U Black. The module has a sleek design with a width of 6HP and a depth of 30mm. It can be used as a sub-sequencer or as a divider in a Eurorack environment. The module features zero-jitter clock generation, a 101 style 1/16th note input mode, and a Euclidean mode enabled for each track. The module also allows for per-step trigger probability in 101 mode and global probability in Euclidean mode. With separate synchronization inputs, clock divider for incoming external clocks, and separate mute buttons for each track, the module provides excellent sequencing capabilities. Additionally, the module has 8 patterns of trigger sequences stored, making it an ideal solution for both live performances and studio recordings.

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  4. Crafting Melodic Sequences with the Mosaic Quantizer Eurorack Module

    The article 'Crafting Melodic Sequences with the Mosaic Quantizer Eurorack Module' provides a comprehensive guide for musicians on how to create melodic sequences with the Mosaic Quantizer module. With its pitch quantizer, chromatic note interface, arpeggiator mode, and other features such as the ability to create/choose scales and transpose octaves, the Mosaic Quantizer allows users to produce musical sequences from a variety of voltage sources. Additionally, the module enables users to save and load settings on the fly, making it a versatile tool for musical experimentation.

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  5. Control Your Composition with Mosaic Clock: The Configurable Master Clock Source Eurorack Module

    The article 'Control Your Composition with Mosaic Clock: The Configurable Master Clock Source Eurorack Module' delves into the features and benefits of the Mosaic Clock Eurorack module. It provides insight into how the Mosaic Clock allows artists to have full control over their compositions by serving as a configurable master clock source with knob and CV control over the clock rate, two range settings, and a pause feature via the Hold button/gate input. It also highlights the fact that the Mosaic Clock is a compact module that can help keep your patch in sync. Overall, the article emphasizes the usefulness of the Mosaic Clock in taking your music productions to the next level.

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  6. Compact and Powerful: Exploring the Tubbutec 6equencer in Pulp Logic Tile Format for Eurorack

    The Tubbutec 6equencer in Pulp Logic Tile Format for Eurorack is a compact and powerful step sequencer that is TR-606 inspired. Despite its small size, it boasts many advanced features and is optimized for live performances, allowing for quick programming and editing of drum patterns. The module is available in different form factors (1U and 3U) and has a range of capabilities for creative sequencing in a eurorack setup.

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  7. ASQ-1: The Multi-Mode Eurorack Sequencer for Fun and Hands-On Jamming

    The ASQ-1 is a multi-mode Eurorack sequencer, featuring two CV/GATE sequencers, four trigger pattern sequencers, and a clock-synced external CV quantiser. With an intuitive and immediate performance-oriented interface, the ASQ-1 is designed for quick jamming and live performances, offering a fun and hands-on alternative to more complex hardware sequencers. The module allows for independent polyrhythmic sequence lengths, internal or external clocking, and all patterns are easily savable and persist after power cycles. The skiff-friendly design features reverse power protection and a USB-C port for easy firmware updates and sequence data backups.

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  8. A Polyrhythmic Playground: Exploring the Versatility of the Robaux Lil Eight II Eurorack Module

    The Robaux Lil Eight II Eurorack module is a versatile and compact eight-track trigger sequencer that allows for easy pattern programming and recording with fingertip control, as well as the creation of random patterns at the touch of a button. The module offers 16 patterns with up to 16 steps that can be chained to create longer rhythms, and now features polymetric capabilities that enable each track to have a different length, length reset, legato, and probability function. With a new fill mode that repeats entire steps of the pattern, the Lil Eight II is a polyrhythmic playground that offers endless creative possibilities for modular drumming.

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