TUKRA: The All-in-One Trigger Sequencer for Your Eurorack Setup

If you're in search of the ultimate trigger sequencer for your Eurorack setup, look no further than TUKRA by Tesseract Modular. This module is an all-in-one solution for drums, with the added bonus of great integration capabilities with other equipment like drum boxes, DAWs, MIDI devices, and MIDI surface controllers.

TUKRA features 8 tracks, each with their separate trigger, gate, clock, and reset outputs, as well as audio L and R outs. With up to 64 steps per pattern, 64 patterns, 64 parts, and 16 songs per project, this module offers incredible flexibility in terms of pattern creation. Each track has its clock divider, length, and choke settings independent per track and pattern. You can also make use of the step value function, which can be used for modulation or defining MIDI velocity, note, drum synth pitch, or sample selection.

The TUKRA module boasts a wide array of inputs and outputs, including 4 CV inputs with offset potentiometers for manual control when no CV is plugged in, front panel MIDI TRS in and out, and a USB host for MIDI controllers. You also have full MIDI integration, with MIDI notes and channels configurable per track and song. Each track features a drum synth, noise with envelope, and a "one-shot" sample player (with factory and user banks) for added sound options. You can select from up to 128 samples per track for maximum flexibility and customization.

In terms of modulation, TUKRA features CV and assignable MIDI CC, as well as 8 internal LFOs, 3 stepped random sources, and step value. You can create complex modulation using the modulation matrix for almost all parameters available. Rhythm variation is easily achievable using the probability for step, gate, and roll, as well as the Euclidean Rhythm Generator and 'Ramifications' generative tool. The module also includes a live view with solo, mute, fill, roll, invert pattern, reverse play direction, and rotate for ease of use.

TUKRA is the ultimate generative tool for Eurorack, with micro-grid editing, half and double tempo functions, and high precision clock source and low latency. You can also make use of triplets and swing, which can be generated from a straight clock input or MIDI clock. Each step has 6 microsteps (24 ppq), and there are also triplet and swing setting options.

In summary, TUKRA is an incredibly versatile trigger sequencer with drum synth, sample player, and MIDI integration capabilities. Its modulation matrix, rhythm variation, and time functions make it a powerful generative tool for any Eurorack setup. Its flexibility, ease of use, and wide array of functions make it a must-have for any electronic music producer.

Example Usage

If you're new to using a trigger sequencer in your eurorack setup, the TUKRA module is a great all-in-one solution to start exploring with. With its 8 tracks and multiple play modes and clock settings, you can easily create simple drum beats or experiment with more complex rhythms. Try using the step value feature to modulate parameters like pitch or filter cutoff, or explore the probability and generative tools to add variation to your patterns. And with its MIDI and audio capabilities, you can easily integrate the TUKRA with your other gear or DAW.

An intermediate-level usage example for the TUKRA trigger sequencer is creating a complex drum sequence with probability and roll variations. Start by programming several patterns with different probabilities for certain steps to trigger, creating a randomized feel to the beat. Then, use the roll feature to add rapid-fire bursts of triggers for added complexity. Utilize the mixer section to adjust volume, balance, and add effects like reverb and bit crushing to each track. Finish by arranging the patterns into a song and experimenting with the generative "Ramifications" tool to add unique variations and surprises to the final composition.

Further Thoughts

The TUKRA trigger sequencer is the perfect all-in-one solution for drum creation in your Eurorack setup. With its ability to integrate with other electronic gear such as drum boxes, DAWs, and MIDI devices, it allows you to explore rhythm variation and generate unique patterns. Its flexible sample selection also enables you to play up to 128 samples per track, while the modulation matrix for almost all parameters provides great depth in sound creation. Embrace TUKRA's good clock source and low latency, and enjoy the triplets and swing feature to synchronize with a straight clock input or MIDI clock. With TUKRA, you can achieve high creative potential and generate fresh beats that stand out.