Shaping Chaos: A Guide to the Clank Chaos Eurorack Module

The Clank Chaos Eurorack Module is a versatile and advanced device designed for shaping random generators in a variety of ways. The module features six channels that offer a plethora of features like stable master clock, independent probability, voltage selection, and individual channel looping capability. It also comes with the ability to save and recall eight slots and an entropy control setting.

The module's random engine is capable of producing a continuous stream of gates and voltages, providing an extremely wide range (10ms/10s) and stable master clock. Each channel has six gate outputs with independent probability, width, swing, ratcheting, and time control that can be synced or completely independent from the master clock. Additionally, there are six voltage outputs with independent quantization, slew, random voltage windows selection, and ground transpose.

One of the most impressive features of this module is the individual channel looping capability. This allows users to create repeating patterns and easily manipulate them. Furthermore, the module's ability to randomize all the parameters of selected channels with entropy control setting makes it a truly unique and flexible tool for sound design and composition.

The Clank Chaos Eurorack Module also offers external CV control for looping, chaos, slot recalling, and random voltage CV in. This allows for greater control and manipulation of the module's features. With all these functions combined together, the module can be easily used as an advanced turing machine, drum sequencer, modulation generator, clock source, voltage recorder, and many other duties.

In conclusion, the Clank Chaos Eurorack Module is a powerful and flexible tool for shaping chaos in a deterministic and creative way. Its six channels, diverse features, and external CV control make it an excellent choice for sound designers and musicians looking for a unique and versatile module to add to their rig.

Example Usage

If you're just getting into the world of Eurorack modules, the Clank Chaos module might seem intimidating at first. But fear not, even a novice can create some interesting sounds using this module.

One way to use Chaos as a beginner is to simply play around with the random generator. Plug in some CV sources to the input and let Chaos run wild, creating unpredictable voltage outputs. You can use the six gate outputs to trigger other modules, adding some rhythmic variations to your patch. You can also experiment with the six voltage outputs, adjusting the quantization, slew, and random voltage windows to see how they affect your sound. Don't be afraid to try out different settings, and remember to save your favorite sounds to the eight available slots.

An intermediate-level usage example of the Clank Chaos Eurorack Module could be creating a complex drum sequence. To do so, you can start by selecting one of the six channels and adjusting the probability, swing, and ratcheting options to your desired parameters. You can then use the voltage outputs to trigger different drum modules in your setup, adjusting their sound with the voltage windows selection and ground transpose options. Using the looping capability, you can create repeating patterns while still adding variation with the random generator or external voltage sampling options. With the ability to save and recall presets, you can easily switch between different sequences and experiment with different variations of the same pattern. By combining multiple channels with different settings, you can create a unique and dynamic drum sequence that is both controlled and unpredictable.

Further Thoughts

One way to use the Clank Chaos Eurorack module is to create unique drum patterns. Using the six gate outputs with independent probability, width, swing, ratcheting, and time control, you can generate unpredictable rhythms that will give your beats a lively and dynamic feel. You can also use the six voltage outputs to add random variations to your percussion sounds, creating a more organic and human feel. With the ability to save and recall up to 8 slots, you can easily switch between patterns or experiment with different variations. Additionally, the external CV control allows you to modulate the looping, chaos, slot recalling and random voltage CV in, opening up even more creative possibilities. Give Chaos a try and see how it can bring new life to your drum sequences!