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  1. Pamela's PRO Workout: The Most Versatile Clocking Modulator for Your Eurorack Setup

    If you are looking for a versatile clocking modulator for your Eurorack setup, the Pamela's PRO Workout can be a great choice. This compact programmable clocked modulation source offers 8 outputs, which can produce anything from simple clocked triggers to complex rhythmic waveforms, quantized melodic patterns, or random chaos. Its features include clock divisors and multipliers, numerous waveform types, extensive Euclidean, probability and beat-based looping, cross-output modulation, and Flex microtiming for swing, human and bouncing ball-type timing effects. The module also has built-in CV inputs, individual offset, attenuation, and monitoring, and supports various output expanders, including Axon-1. Overall, the Pamela's PRO Workout is an easy-to-use and quick user interface that provides limitless synced modulation possibilities for your setup.

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  2. Expanding the Capabilities of Pamela's PRO Workout: A Look into the ALM Busy Circuits PPEXP2 Module

    The ALM Busy Circuits PPEXP2 Module is the perfect solution for expanding the capabilities of Pamela's PRO Workout, bringing additional Din Sync and MIDI clock outputs to the table. With 2HP, the PPEXP2 module is easy to install and offers selectable MIDI TRS types via a switch on the rear of the module. In this article, we take a look at the features and benefits of the PPEXP2 module and explore how it can be used to enhance the performance of your modular synthesizer setup.

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