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  1. Shaping Chaos: A Guide to the Clank Chaos Eurorack Module

    The Clank Chaos Eurorack Module is an advanced device that allows for easy shaping of random generators. The module has six channels that offer a range of features such as stable master clock, independent probability, voltage selection, and individual channel looping capability. With the ability to save and recall eight slots, entropy control setting, and external control for looping, chaos, slot recalling, and random voltage CV in, this module can function as an advanced turing machine, drum sequencer, modulation generator, clock source, voltage recorder, and much more.

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  2. Exploring the Versatility of Happy Nerding FX AID Pro: A Eurorack Module with 200 Onboard Effects and Advanced Internal LFO

    The Happy Nerding FX AID Pro is a highly versatile Eurorack module with 200 onboard effects that can be arranged in any order via an online editor. It features an OLED screen which shows the current effect's number, name, and three parameters, as well as an advanced internal LFO which can be routed to the sample rate, parameters 1-3, or effect selection. Other features include stereo input level control, SRR input routing, manual control of the sample rate, 10 user storable presets, and an easy update process. The module is perfect for those looking for a flexible and powerful effects processor.

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