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  1. Quirky Delays and Seq Expansions: Bizarre-Jezabel-Quarte MK2 + Xaoc Devices Ostankino II

    The article "Quirky Delays and Seq Expansions: Bizarre-Jezabel-Quarte MK2 + Xaoc Devices Ostankino II" explores the combination of the Bizarre-Jezabel-Quarte MK2 and Xaoc Devices Ostankino II Eurorack modules. The Bizarre-Jezabel-Quarte MK2 is a quad lo-fi delay and LPG/VCA filter delay module that features four vactrol-based LPG/VCA in parallel. Each vactrol-based module is connected to a voltage-controlled delay stage, with individual outputs available. On the other hand, the Xaoc Devices Ostankino II is an expander for the Moskwa II sequencer module. It enhances the connectivity of the Moskwa II module, allowing users to use CV to change various parameters. Ostankino II offers voltage control over parameters such as randomization, slew, probability, transposition, range, first and last step inputs. It also provides individual gate/trigger outputs for each sequence step and features a fixed connection with the Leibniz Binary Subsystem. The article discusses how the combination of these modules can expand creative possibilities in a Eurorack setup. Additionally, the article briefly mentions other modules, including the Kaona Transpos, Intellijel 4U x 104HP Palette Case Top Row, and Black Noise Sallen Key, which further contribute to the overall functionality and versatility of the setup.

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  2. Takaab RLFO: Unlocking Random, Stepped and Gradual Control Voltages with Built-in LFO, Sample & Hold and Noise Circuits

    The Takaab RLFO module by Siam Modular is a versatile modulation and control voltage generator. It features a built-in LFO, sample & hold, and noise circuits, making it capable of producing random, stepped, and gradual control voltages. The LFO has two outputs, square and triangle, and is internally normalized to the clock input of the sample & hold. The noise is also normalized to the signal input of the sample & hold, which allows it to output a random, stepped voltage without external patching. The RLFO can also sample any external signal and use external clock, gate, or trigger signals to trigger the sample points of the sample & hold. With its slew circuit on the output, the module can produce more gradual or wobbly control voltages.

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  3. Ladik S-316: A Compact and Versatile 16-Step CV Sequencer Module for Eurorack

    The Ladik S-316 is a versatile 16-step CV sequencer module designed for Eurorack systems. It features clock and reset inputs with accompanying LEDs and manual buttons, gate output with LED, 16-step CV knobs with on/off switches, sequence length knob with LED, and gate length knob with CV in jack. The module also includes four mode switches, CV out jack, and direction options of up, up/down (pendulum), and random. The range can be switched between 5 octaves unquantized, 5 octaves quantized in semitones, and 2 octaves quantized in semitones. The S/H function can be turned on/off and the repeating of certain steps can be adjusted with the sequence length knob. Its compact design takes up only 22TE/ 22HP/ 112mm of width and 35mm /1.4" of depth, with a maximum current of 35mA.

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  4. Exploring the Versatility of Michigan Synth Works' Micro Temps Utile: A Black Panel Clock Generator

    The Michigan Synth Works Micro Temps Utile is a versatile black panel clock generator that offers a range of hardware and firmware features, including a Teensy 3.1/3.2 processor, 128x64 OLED display, two clock inputs, four CV inputs, and six clock outputs with various voltage options. The module's firmware includes seven selectable modes, including trigger sequencing, clock division/multiplication, LFSR, randomization, Euclidean rhythms, logic gates, and DAC capabilities. With its compact 14HP size and intuitive interface, the Micro Temps Utile is a powerful addition to any Eurorack setup.

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  5. Exploring the Creative Chaos of the NonlinearCircuits Stochaos Eurorack Module

    The NonlinearCircuits Stochaos Eurorack module is a versatile generator of gates and control voltages that can be switched to produce either pink noise, chaos, or both. The module is based on a 1980 patent for a random rhythm pattern generator, and uses CMOS chips selected to be widely available. The module features gate and CV outputs, with CV3 being mainly negative voltage. The Stochaos output provides longer gates than other stages in the circuit. Overall, the NonlinearCircuits Stochaos module offers a creative and chaotic approach to noise generation in the Eurorack format.

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  6. Exploring Dynamic Noise Generation: A Deep Dive into the Doepfer A-118-2v Eurorack Module

    The Doepfer A-118-2v Eurorack Module is a compact and versatile module designed for noise generation. This slim version of the A-118-1 module offers the same features but with smaller control distances and rubberized small-sized knobs. With just 4 HP of width, it is perfect for setups with limited space.

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  7. Expanding Your Sequencing Capabilities: A Deep Dive into the Xaoc Devices Ostankino II Eurorack Module

    The article 'Expanding Your Sequencing Capabilities: A Deep Dive into the Xaoc Devices Ostankino II Eurorack Module' explores the features of the Ostankino II, an expander module for the Moskwa II sequencer. It provides voltage control options for parameters such as random, slew, probability, transposition, range, first and last step inputs, and also includes step repeat CV input and button, internal clock output, individual gate/trigger outputs for each sequence step, and bit outputs for each sequence step that are connected with the Leibniz Binary Subsystem. Overall, the Ostankino II significantly enhances the connectivity and sequencing potential of the Moskwa II module.

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