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  1. Unleashing Random Creativity: Exploring the ST Modular Serial Eurorack Module

    This article discusses the ST Modular Serial Eurorack Module, focusing on its capabilities as an 8-step analog sequencer that generates random gates and voltages. The module excels at creating and cycling through random voltages while producing up to 8 gates. It features a CLOCK input that generates clock pulses based on a voltage threshold, which can be adjusted using a trimmer. The sequencer can be influenced by external CV inputs, allowing for unique note generation. The module offers various functions such as setting step length, looping sequences, adding or deleting notes/gates manually, and controlling CV output levels. With features like wrong polarity protection, the ST Modular Serial module provides a versatile and creative sequencing solution for Eurorack systems.

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  2. 3D Spatial Audio, Random Voltage, and More: Modules for Fun and Creativity!

    In this article, we explore a combination of Eurorack modules that are perfect for adding fun and creativity to your music production. First up is the neuzeit instruments Quasar, a binaural 3D audio mixer that brings spatial audio to the world of Eurorack. With the Quasar, you can dynamically move sounds around your head, change the angle, height, and distance in real-time. It offers 2 mono inputs, a stereo output, 2 CV inputs, and various features like internal LFOs and different ear types to choose from. The Quasar is a must-have module for creating immersive and three-dimensional soundscapes.

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  3. Shaping Chaos: A Guide to the Clank Chaos Eurorack Module

    The Clank Chaos Eurorack Module is an advanced device that allows for easy shaping of random generators. The module has six channels that offer a range of features such as stable master clock, independent probability, voltage selection, and individual channel looping capability. With the ability to save and recall eight slots, entropy control setting, and external control for looping, chaos, slot recalling, and random voltage CV in, this module can function as an advanced turing machine, drum sequencer, modulation generator, clock source, voltage recorder, and much more.

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