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  1. How to Create Beautifully Animated Folding Sounds with the Tiptop Audio Fold Processor Eurorack Module.

    The Tiptop Audio Fold Processor Eurorack module is a voltage-controlled wave multiplier and sub-octave generator based on a classic diode design. This sound processing module allows for the creation of beautifully animated folding sounds from standard sine, triangle, sawtooth, and square waves. The Fold Processor includes a CV input with an attenuator, adjustable voltage-controlled Inject, and a subdivide generator that squares the fold output to create up to four sounds spaced one octave apart. Mixing the four can result in anything from discordant square wave swarms to sweet harmonic oscillator stacks, making for a truly versatile and multi-faced module.

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  2. Exploring Vintage Analog Warmth: The Steady State Fate Vortices Character Mixer Eurorack Module

    The Steady State Fate Vortices Character Mixer Eurorack module is designed to emulate the warm and round coloration effect of vintage analog consoles and tape machines. It features 14 inputs and 7 outputs, catering to both mono and stereo sources. The module offers two types of coloration and frequency response in its two mixer sections. The Mono Mixer provides a warmer, over-driven sound with pronounced high frequency reduction and round tonality, while the Stereo Mixer offers a gentler saturation effect and a brighter overall frequency response. Additional features include auxiliary inputs, a direct cross-fade mix breakout, and a split stereo output. The module also includes an optional V-CV expander for voltage control of the mixer inputs. The biasing feature allows for asymmetrical saturation and distortion effects. Overall, the Vortices module is ideal for sound processing applications, adding character, variation, and smoothing harsh signals.

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  3. Exploring the Creative Possibilities with Steady State Fate Vortices HiFi Eurorack Mixer Module

    The Steady State Fate Vortices HiFi Eurorack Mixer Module is an excellent device that provides a wide range of audio mixing options. With 14 inputs and 7 outputs, the module provides separate mix outputs for mono and stereo sources, as well as a Master Mix split stereo output and a Master stereo jack output. Its inputs are DC-coupled, which makes it possible to use as a full spectrum control voltage mixer and it has a headroom of approximately 20Vpp. The module also accommodates auxiliary inputs, providing additional unity gain inputs to the mono and stereo mixers for summing external mixes or fx returns. This limited release version of the original Vortices offers the same mixing topology without the tape compression, overdrive and high frequency roll-off, making it a great option for general sound processing, panning, and crossfading applications.

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  4. Exploring Textural Oblivion and Rarefied Musings: A Review of the Anomaly Eurorack Module by Noisereap

    The Noisereap Anomaly Eurorack module is a unique combination of VCF and broken wavefolder that allows for the creation of "textural oblivion," "occult sputterings," and "rarefied musings." The module's BAD output produces "bonkers asymmetric distortion," courtesy of the intentionally broken wavefolder. The output buffers also offer built-in harmonic saturation, making the lowpass and highpass outputs feel more present than usual. The resonance profile is pingable, but on its own terms, and creates wild effects that are perfect for percussive blips or abrasive techno kicks. Overall, the Anomaly is an excellent option for sound processing enthusiasts looking to create unconventional and experimental sounds.

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