Filtering Chaos & Sonic Storms: Eurorack Adventures with Bongo Fury, Favorite Avocado Toast, Mosaic Quantizer, Loopman, & Tempête Magnétique

This article dives into a thrilling Eurorack adventure combining the unique characteristics of Bongo Fury, Favorite Avocado Toast, Mosaic Quantizer, Loopman, and Tempête Magnétique. From creating intricate rhythmic patterns with Bongo Fury's self-oscillating sections to shaping warm and colorful sounds with Favorite Avocado Toast's analog filter and overdrive, each module offers a diverse sonic palette. The Mosaic Quantizer adds a melodic touch by crafting sequences from random voltages or arpeggiating existing patterns. Loopman introduces an experimental cassette tape recorder element for lo-fi, organic sound explorations. Finally, Tempête Magnétique entices users to push boundaries by diverting traditional module functions to unearth new and unexpected soundscapes. These modules collectively offer a playground for sonic experimentation, inviting users to blend chaos and creativity in their Eurorack setups.

Example Usage


To create a simple yet engaging sonic storm in your Eurorack setup, let's combine the Bongo Fury module with the Favorite Avocado Toast and the Loopman module.

  1. Start by patching a trigger signal from your main sequencer into the Bongo Fury module's trigger input to activate its drum-like oscillations. Adjust the controls on the Bongo Fury to find a rhythmic pattern that suits your taste.
  2. Next, connect the output of the Bongo Fury module into the Favorite Avocado Toast's audio input. Use the filters and modulation options on the Avocado Toast to sculpt the tonality of the drum sounds coming from the Bongo Fury. Experiment with the built-in modulator and overdrive to add depth and character to the beats.
  3. Finally, route the processed drum sounds from the Favorite Avocado Toast into the Loopman module. Record the modified drum loops onto the cassette tape using the Loopman's tape recorder functionality. Explore the lo-fi qualities of the recorded sounds and experiment with different playback speeds using control voltage.

By combining these modules, you can explore a mix of rhythmic chaos, sonic textures, and lo-fi aesthetics in your Eurorack adventures. Experiment with different settings and configurations to discover unique and unexpected sonic results.

To create a complex and evolving melodic sequence, we can integrate the Mosaic Quantizer, Bongo Fury, and Tempête Magnétique modules in our Eurorack setup. Utilizing the Mosaic Quantizer in Arpeggiator mode, we can generate a sequence based on a chosen scale or note pattern. By connecting the CV outputs of the Mosaic Quantizer to the CV inputs of the Bongo Fury, we can modulate the sections of the drum module with the quantized pitch information, adding rhythmic variation to our sequence.

To further enhance the sonic landscape, we can route the output of the Tempête Magnétique through the Favorite Avocado Toast filter to shape the tonality of the filtered signals. By experimenting with the modulation capabilities of the Favorite Avocado Toast, such as utilizing the built-in modulator to introduce harmonics and overtones, we can add depth and richness to the evolving melody.

By patching the output of the filtered signals back into the Tempête Magnétique, specifically utilizing the pair sections for complex stereo effects and synthesis voices, we can create intricate and layered soundscapes that evolve over time. The combination of these modules opens up a world of possibilities for creating dynamic and expressive compositions within the Eurorack system.

Further Thoughts

Combining the Bongo Fury module with the Favorite Avocado Toast module can lead to some incredibly dynamic and textured percussion sounds. Use the Bongo Fury's different sections for creating rubbery bass-y sounds with self-oscillation, while letting one section run wild for unpredictability. Then run the output through the Favorite Avocado Toast's analog 24db/oct LP VCF with a built-in modulator and overdrive for shaping the sound and adding harmonics and warmth. Experiment with modulation and overdrive settings to create a sonic storm of evolving rhythms and tones that will surely stand out in your Eurorack setup.