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  1. Unleashing Creative Distortion with the Stoel Music Systems Vacuum Tube Module

    Unleash boundless creative distortion with Stoel Music Systems Vacuum Tube Module: 2 stages of distortion/waveshaping, switch for series gain, harmonics & saturation control, CV controllable, 12AT7 tube recommended, ceramic socket, 650mA +12V current draw.

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  2. Unleashing Resynthesized Soundscapes: Exploring the Make Noise/soundhack Spectraphon

    Unleashing Resynthesized Soundscapes: Explore the Make Noise/soundhack Spectraphon, a dual Spectral Oscillator in Eurorack format that utilizes real-time spectral analysis and resynthesis to create unique sounds. Inspired by classic electronic instruments, it offers high-resolution and low noise, with two sides for different oscillation modes. A versatile module for sequencing, frequency modulation, and creating arrays for spectral oscillation, it also features controls for slide, focus, partials, and internal FM bus interaction. Let your creativity soar with this innovative digital hardware platform.

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  3. Exploring the Magical World of Lo-Fi Sounds with Eurorack Module: Loopman Cassette Tape Recorder

    The article "Exploring the Magical World of Lo-Fi Sounds with Eurorack Module: Loopman Cassette Tape Recorder" takes readers on a journey through the unique features of the Loopman Eurorack module. This experimental cassette tape recorder allows users to create warm and organic lo-fi sounds reminiscent of vintage recordings from the 70s and 80s. With built-in AM and FM radio and a Lopez gate, users can record noise and experiment with different percussions while controlling the tape speed with control voltage. Overall, the Loopman Eurorack module provides ample opportunities for experimentation and creativity in lo-fi recording.

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  4. Exploring Endless Sonic Possibilities with After Later Audio's Nrings: Black Gold

    After Later Audio's Nrings: Black Gold is a micro version of Mutable Instruments' Rings, offering endless sonic possibilities in a compact form. This module retains all the functionality of the full-size Rings module and features tall bushing potentiometers for added stability. With its fully assembled, tested, and calibrated design, the Nrings: Black Gold is ready to enhance your Eurorack setup.

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