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  1. Unleash Sonic Storms with Tempête Magnétique & Friends

    In this article, we explore the exciting possibilities of combining the Tempête Magnétique with other innovative Eurorack modules like Changes, Quarks, Quantus Ampla, and Duck. By integrating these modules, you can unlock a universe of sonic experimentation and creativity. The Tempête Magnétique offers a unique take on complex filtering and synthesis, allowing for diverse sound manipulation. Coupled with the versatile capabilities of Changes, Quarks' compact functionality, the VCA prowess of Quantus Ampla, and the dynamic sidechaining features of Duck, you can truly unleash sonic storms in your Eurorack setup. Dive into the world of modular synthesis and push the boundaries of sound design with this powerful combination of modules.

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  2. Filter Frenzy: Unleashing Sonic Storms with Tempête Magnétique, Bizarre Jezabel, RO'VED, Dominus, and Lorelei

    In this article, we explore the exciting world of filters in Eurorack synthesizers. We delve into five unique modules: the Tempête Magnétique by eowave, Bizarre Jezabel's PKHI Mk2, Plum Audio's RO'VED, Arcaico's Dominus, and Expert Sleepers' Lorelei. Each module offers its own set of features and sonic possibilities, from the versatile multi-mode filters of the Tempête Magnétique to the dual/stereo LP/HP filter of the Bizarre Jezabel. The RO'VED provides 8 synthesis models for pitched sounds and noise/percussions, while the Dominus combines dual complex VCOs with an integrated wavefolder. Lastly, the Lorelei offers quadrature sine outputs, waveshaping, and sync/cross-modulation options. With these modules, sound enthusiasts can unleash a variety of sonic storms and create unique textures.

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