Yester Versio: The Glue for Your Eurorack Patch with Delays, Pitch Shifts, and Doom

Yester Versio: The Glue for Your Eurorack Patch with Delays, Pitch Shifts, and Doom

Yester Versio is the long-awaited answer to the request for a simple delay on the Versio platform. It's a three-tap delay module designed to be straightforward and easy to control. With controls over panning, delay feedback, and delay time, Yester Versio is perfect for gluing together any patch. It also offers flexible delay syncing options, DJ-style filtering, and the ability to shape delays with Chorus and Fold controls. The module is CV controllable and can be updated with different effects firmwares through a USB connection. Yester Versio is a versatile delay module that will add character and depth to your Eurorack setup.

Delay. Fold. Pitch shift. Doom. Repeat. Yester Versio is the long-awaited answer to the request for a simple delay on the Versio platform. Yester Versio is a three-tap delay designed to be straightforward and easy to control. It’s perfect to help glue together almost any patch, with just enough character to stand out if that’s what you want.

Yester Versio comes with controls over panning, delay feedback, and delay time, but we didn’t stop there. The Time control interacts with the Even/Triplet/Dotted switch, allowing for flexible delay syncing. These also work with the Tap button and jack input, making it easy to sync Yester to the rest of your patch and create interesting rhythms.

Use the DJ-style filter to shape your delays. Add flavor with Chorus, a bipolar control that adds a bit of clean pitch shifting or LFO-modulated effects. Turn up Fold for some gentle saturation, then gritty wavefolding, and at the top of the knob, to add in chaotic suboctaves for a bit of doom.

And of course, because it is a Versio, almost everything can be CV controlled.

Yester Versio is the delay you will keep coming back to...back to...back to...

YV is part of our Versio stereo DSP platform. A simple USB connection will allow you to update to a variety of effects firmwares. Open-source support is available through libDaisy, which allows you to write your own firmware!

If you're looking to add some character and depth to your Eurorack setup, Yester Versio is the answer. Its straightforward design and easy-to-use controls make it a versatile and indispensable module for any patch. Whether you want to create complex rhythms or simply add a touch of flavor to your delays, Yester Versio has you covered.

The module's flexible delay syncing options, DJ-style filtering, and built-in Chorus and Fold controls give you endless possibilities to shape your sound. And with CV control capabilities, you can integrate Yester Versio seamlessly into your existing setup and take your productions to new heights.

But Yester Versio doesn't stop there. It also offers USB connectivity, allowing you to update the module with different effects firmwares and explore new sonic territories. And with open-source support through libDaisy, you even have the opportunity to write your own firmware and truly make Yester Versio your own.

So whether you're a seasoned Eurorack enthusiast or just starting out on your modular journey, Yester Versio is a must-have module that will add character, depth, and that extra touch of creativity to your Eurorack setup. Experience the glue that holds your patch together and unlocks a world of sonic possibilities with Yester Versio.

Example Usage

Novice Usage Example:

To start exploring the Yester Versio module, let's create a basic delay effect for your Eurorack patch. Connect an audio source, like a VCO or drum module, to the input of the Yester Versio. Connect the output of the Yester Versio to your mixer or audio interface so you can hear the effect.

Turn the Time knob to adjust the delay time. Start with a short delay time for a subtle effect, and gradually increase it to make the echoes more prominent. You can also experiment with the Even/Triplet/Dotted switch to create rhythmic variations in the delay repeats.

Next, let's add some character to the delay using the DJ-style filter. Turn the Filter knob to shape the tone of the delayed signal. Try different settings to find the sweet spot that fits your patch.

For some extra flavor, let's use the Chorus control. Turn the Chorus knob to introduce clean pitch shifting or LFO-modulated effects to the delayed signal. This will add movement and depth to your sound.

If you want to add saturation and wavefolding to the delayed signal, turn up the Fold knob. Gradually increase it to add warmth and subtle distortion. For a more chaotic and doomy effect, push the Fold knob to its maximum and introduce some suboctaves to the mix.

Remember, the Yester Versio module allows you to get creative with CV control. Connect an LFO or envelope generator to the CV inputs of the various parameters to introduce modulation and dynamic changes to your delay effect.

With these simple steps, you can create your own unique delay effects using the Yester Versio module. Experiment, have fun, and let your creativity flow!

In this intermediate-level example, we will explore how Yester Versio can be used to create rhythmic delays and atmospheric textures in a Eurorack patch.

Let's start by patching Yester Versio into our system. Connect the audio input of Yester Versio to the output of your sound source or VCO. Take the output of Yester Versio and route it to your mixer or audio interface.

Next, let's focus on creating rhythmic delays. Set the delay time knob to a short delay time, around the 9 o'clock position. Now, enable the Tap button or connect a clock signal to the Tap jack input. Trigger the Tap button or the clock signal at a desired tempo. You will notice that the delay taps sync with the tempo, creating rhythmic repeats of the incoming audio.

To add some movement and character to the delays, let's explore the Chorus control. Slowly turn up the Chorus knob clockwise to introduce a subtle pitch-shifting effect to the delays. You can adjust the Chorus bipolar control to add clean pitch-shifting or LFO-modulated effects, depending on your preference.

Now, let's shape the sound further with the DJ-style filter. Experiment with different filter settings and find the sweet spot that enhances the tone of your delays. You can sweep the filter manually or modulate it using a CV signal for dynamic filtering effects.

To add a touch of saturation and depth, turn up the Fold knob. Initially, you will hear gentle saturation, but as you increase the knob, the sound transforms into gritty wavefolding. At the top of the Fold knob, chaotic suboctaves are introduced, creating a bit of doom and adding a unique character to the delays.

Remember, Yester Versio is highly versatile and allows for extensive CV control. Feel free to experiment with modulating different parameters using LFOs, envelopes, or other modulation sources in your Eurorack system to push the boundaries of what Yester Versio can do.

With Yester Versio, you have the power to create captivating rhythmic delays, atmospheric textures, and unique soundscapes in your Eurorack setup. Experiment, explore, and let your creativity soar with this exceptional delay module.

Further Thoughts

In this example, we will explore how the Yester Versio module can be used to create atmospheric and haunting drones in a Eurorack patch. By leveraging its delay, pitch shifting, and doom capabilities, we can craft an otherworldly sonic experience.

First, let's start by creating a basic Eurorack setup with a VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) and a VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier). Patch the output of the VCO into the input of the VCA to control the volume of the signal.

Next, connect the output of the VCA to the input of the Yester Versio module. We will use the Yester Versio as an auxiliary effects send. Adjust the panning control on the Yester Versio to create stereo width in the delayed signal.

Now, let's dial in the delay effect. Set the delay time to a relatively short value to create quick reflections. Adjust the feedback control to determine the number of repetitions and gradually increase it to create a dense and immersive soundscape.

To add an eerie pitch-shifting effect, turn up the Chorus control on the Yester Versio. This bipolar control adds subtle clean pitch shifting, adding a touch of dissonance to the delayed signal. Modulate the Chorus control with an LFO to introduce evolving variations in the pitch-shifting effect over time.

For a more experimental and darker character, turn up the Fold control on the Yester Versio module. This knob introduces saturation and wavefolding, adding grit and texture to the delayed signal. As you push the Fold control towards its maximum position, chaotic suboctaves will be generated, enhancing the doom-like atmosphere.

Finally, adjust the VCA to blend the dry and wet signals, finding the perfect balance between the untouched VCO sound and the processed delayed signal from the Yester Versio module. Explore different cutoff frequencies on the filter to shape the character of the delayed signal further.

Experiment with different CV modulation sources to control various parameters of the Yester Versio module, such as delay time, feedback, and chorus. This will inject movement and variation into your drone, taking it to new sonic territories.

By utilizing the Yester Versio module's delay, pitch shifting, and doom capabilities, you can create rich and haunting soundscapes that will immerse your listeners in a dark and atmospheric world. Let your creativity flow and explore the endless possibilities that this versatile module brings to your Eurorack setup.