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  1. Unleash the Power of 80s Nostalgia with the Dreadbox Hypnosis: An Analog Effects Processor with 3 Effects

    Unleash 80s nostalgia with the Dreadbox Hypnosis: an analog effects processor with warm BBD chorus-flanger, hybrid delay, real spring reverb, wide range LFOs, and 11 patch points.

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  2. Unlocking Endless Possibilities: A Comprehensive Guide to Using the Quantus Ampla Eurorack Module for Your VCA Needs

    The Quantus Ampla Eurorack module offers a unique set of features for any VCA needs, including normaling, mixing, and CV options. With four channels of linear DC-coupled properties, it can be used for ducking, volume fades, transitions, mixing, and processing CV signals. Its circularly normalled CV inputs make it easy to create complex effects with minimal patching. The outputs mix down, allowing for a variety of mix configurations. This comprehensive guide explores the limitless possibilities of the Quantus Ampla and how to make the most of its functions.

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  3. The paratek СЛИМИКС-4: A Compact and Powerful Eurorack Mixer Unit for Your Modular Synth Setup

    In this article, the focus is on the paratek СЛИМИКС-4, a compact and powerful Eurorack mixer unit that's perfect for your modular synth setup. The unit features four independent mono channels for audio signal in a tiny skiff-friendly form factor, with individual volume, mute, and pan functions per channel. With a SNR of 69Db, the stereo output channel sum ensures high-quality sound output. The paratek СЛИМИКС-4 also comes with a wide range of knobs and button colors, and modules can be ordered directly by email from the manufacturer, who accepts PayPal.

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  4. Compact and Powerful: Exploring the Tubbutec 6equencer in Pulp Logic Tile Format for Eurorack

    The Tubbutec 6equencer in Pulp Logic Tile Format for Eurorack is a compact and powerful step sequencer that is TR-606 inspired. Despite its small size, it boasts many advanced features and is optimized for live performances, allowing for quick programming and editing of drum patterns. The module is available in different form factors (1U and 3U) and has a range of capabilities for creative sequencing in a eurorack setup.

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